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Football Party Food for the Big Game
January 24, 2024

It’s game time! And you, the host, are the MVP of your watch party. Like a coach strategizing a winning play, you’re about to orchestrate the ultimate football party food lineup that will have your guests cheering for more. Consider this your playbook for good times during the Big Game, from touchdown dance-inspiring appetizers to game-winning desserts.


So, put on your apron, fire up the grill, and prepare to serve up football party food that will be remembered long after the final whistle blows. You’ve got this!


Football Party Appetizers

Kick off your football feast by bringing your A(vocado) game to the table — avocado appetizers! Just as the first quarter sets the tone for the game, football party appetizers are your first opportunity to build excitement and anticipation for your guests.


Game Day Guacamole Recipes

Is it even a football party food spread without guacamole? No appetizer compares to classic Mexican guacamole. But why not start the party with extra bravado by mashing up a bowl of championship guac made with crispy bacon and, of course, creamy, delicious avocados? Alternate move: Kick it up a notch with this spicy guac perfected by quarterback-turned-commentator Jesse Palmer.


Sometimes, an unexpected play turns into a big win. Tart pico de guac, for example, incorporates green apples and cucumbers, giving guacamole a tangy, cool zing. Then there’s jambalaya-style guacamole, which blends spicy andouille sausage with creamy avocado, or mango guacamole, which gives a sweet nod to the tropics.


How Can You Tell If an Avocado Is Ripe? 🤔

Ripe avocados gently yield to a little squeeze and smash easily into guacamole.



Finger Food Ideas

Finger foods make for some of the best football party foods because you won’t miss any action fiddling around with a fork! Whip up a batch of avocado broccoli tots made with nutrient-dense avocado, sweet potato, and sumptuous seasonings. For some crunch factor, try out these avocado shrimp bites served on fresh cucumber slices. Or put together a plate piled high with avocado sweet potato nachos drizzled with avocado lime ranch sauce.


Did you know?

Tailgates and football watch parties often lack fruits and veggies, which can leave guests in a slump by the fourth quarter. Luckily, avocado is a fresh fruit containing good fat, and a single serving is naturally sugar- and cholesterol-free.


Football Party Dips

It’s time to huddle up for the next crucial play of the party: dips! Just as a versatile quarterback adapts to every play, good football party dips are your all-stars, ready to tackle every chip, cracker, and veggie stick thrown their way. Here are just a few game day dip ideas.


This goat cheese, bacon, and avocado dip is a flavor-packed powerhouse, blending creamy avocado, bold spices, and a sour kick that’ll have your taste buds doing a victory dance. Is it still snowing outside? Warm up with Mex-Tex three-cheese avocado dip — the creamiest, cheesiest chili dip you’ve ever put on a tortilla! Can’t imagine a game day table without French onion soup? This avocado French onion dip will satisfy your craving with a delightful, lighter texture.


Pro tip: To prevent dip-hogging fouls, put your dips into single-serving containers, like the kind in this recipe for spicy seven layer dip.


How to Slow Down Ripening 🦥

To plan your dip prep properly, make sure avocados don’t overripen by preserving them in the fridge.



The Best Football Party Dishes

Just like a team relies on its core players to carry the game, main football party dishes are the heavy hitters of your party spread. Remember, big plays move the ball forward in the heart of the game. This is your moment to shine, so go bold!


Better Burgers and Hot Dogs

Football is synonymous with grilled meats, and if you’re looking to tackle your guests’ hunger, look no further than a hearty hot dog topped with avocado relish or guacamole (a guac dog). Other easy crowd-pleasers include guaki-burgers made with Takis® rolled tortilla chips or smoky avocado and chipotle sliders piled high on Hawaiian buns.


Winter Chili Recipes

Certain events in the middle of winter (like a Big Game watch party) call for hearty football party food like chili. Try classic chunky beef chili topped with avocado, which proves that beans belong in chili once and for all. For a little lighter fare, try this amazing white chili with chicken.


Flavorful Sandwich Ideas

Mexican sandwiches are called tortas, and they’re a torta-ly fantastic football party food option. Check out the crazy chicken and plantain torta, which hits every flavor palate from salty to sweet. Looking for a kid-friendly sammie? With their fun pinwheel design, ham, cheese, and avocado rolls are a sure bet. Its grown-up cousin, bacon and avocado grilled cheese, will fly off the table, too!


All-Star Pizza Toppings

Casual get-togethers beg for pizza, right? Skip the delivery and create a gourmet-style pie in your kitchen instead. Avo fajita pizza looks fancy, but it’s easy to assemble and pop into the oven when guests arrive. You also can’t go wrong with a classic Margherita pizza with big slices of tomato and brilliant green avocado. Kids will especially dig into this chicken avocado pizza topped with feta cheese.


Tasty Taco Recipes

There’s a taco for every occasion, but when it comes to football party food, it’s best to bring out the classics, like carne asada tacos loaded with flavor and topped with creamy avocado or grilled chicken tacos that bring the sizzle in a super soft tortilla. Step things up a notch with sophisticated avocado pulled pork tacos made with kale and caramelized onion. Are pescatarian fans joining the party? No problem when you’ve got baja fish tacos or sweet salmon tacos on the table.


How to Save Half an Avocado 🥑

Don’t throw out your leftover avocado! Save it for later snacking by limiting its exposure to the air.



Football Party Desserts

Finally, it’s time for your football party food victory lap — dessert! As they say, heroes are made in the final quarter, and avocado-infused football party desserts will seal the deal and leave a lasting impression. Here are a few game day food ideas featuring avocado, the secret ingredient for sweet, sweet triumph.


Finish strong with a chocolate, cherry, and avocado fudge cake. The avocado makes this cake extra moist and adds a layer of nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. Is the clock running out before the final horn blows? Whip up this no-bake avocado cheesecake in no time. Or keep your cool with this avocado flan, sweetened by pineapple juice.


There’s no shortage of ways to score points with chocolate fanatics. Consider avocado pistachio pudding, double dark chocolate avocado cookies, or creamy dark chocolate avocado mousse. Many consider chocolate brownies made with avocado the ultimate culinary touchdown, turning a great party into a legendary one.


Tackle These Game Day Food Ideas!

The best football party foods have two things in common. The first, as you can see, is avocado. The second is that the dish is made with pride — for your team and the family and friends who bring more goodness to game day. So, gather your ingredients, and get ready to bask in the glory of a party well played, avo-fans!


Feel like a champion all the time by working more nutrient-dense avocado recipes into your day.


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