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All About Avocados

Everything you wanted to know about avocados but were too afraid to ask.

Surprise! The avocado is a fruit. And not only is it a fruit, it’s actually considered a berry — because it has fleshy pulp and a seed. Berry interesting, am I right? Bet there’s a whole lot more you don’t know about the avocado — a whole lot you’d find useful.

Why Choose

You want guacamole year-round? There’s only one avocado that can chill with you in summer and relax by the fire in winter. You got it boss — that’s a Hass. Eighty percent of the avocados eaten worldwide are Hass avocados. They’re not only perennial, but they also have a long shelf life and change skin color when ripe — like avocados for dummies! Generous in size with a small seed — means more green, creamy “meat” to eat. Come that Big Game Sunday in February, if you want guac — thank heaven for the year-round Hass.

Why are Avocados From
Mexico so Delicious?

You are what you eat – that applies to your fruit too. The more good things your avocados absorb while they grow, the more good things will come out when they are in your mouth. With each bite of an Avocado From Mexico, you’re transported to the rich Michoacán soil, basking in the warm sunshine and nourishing rain, and breathing deeply of the coastal air.  All the goodness that nourishes avocados from Mexico — from soil to seed to tree to fruit — equals an avocado that’s delicious and wholesome.

Why Love One
Every Day?

In the school of nutritious foods, the avocado is the valedictorian. And with good reason. The avocado contains nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. It’s cholesterol-free, sodium-free, naturally good in fat, nutritious, and are a good source of fiber and folate per 50 g serving (one third of a medium avocado).

What can you do with avocados?

Think the humble avocado is relegated to delicious guacamole or the friendly surprise that makes occasional appearances in fresh salads? Unlock the unknown greatness of the avocado here. With hundreds of recipes for morning, noon, night — and all hours in between — the avocado is about to take a place of prominence in your recipes, your kitchen, your life. © 2022 All rights reserved.

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