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Sliced Avocados in Bowl


While it’s become an American staple, smashing avocados into guacamole is just one of the infinite ways you can put this creamy, delicious green fruit to good use. From weeknight dinners to game day treats, this page will give you a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration to take your mastery of the avocado to the next level.

The health benefits of avocado – it is considered a superfood, after all because it is contributes nearly 20 vitamins and minerals– making it well worth stocking up on. Plus, it's a source of good fats (more than 75% of fat in an avocado is unsaturated) that help your body absorb more vitamin A, D, K, and E.

Most importantly, avocados taste great! People love the mild flavor and the creamy texture, making it a winner from breakfast to dinner. Whether you're an avocado newbie or pro, here are some of the most popular avocado recipes to test out:

One of the most-eaten breakfast recipes has got to be avocado toast – probably because of its simplicity. All you need is some bread and avocado, but it's also easy to dress it up and make it even more delicious with the addition of a dash of pepper, lemon and salt. Good-quality bread – why not try baking your own? – also adds to the yumminess. Add poached egg for extra goodness: the yolk is high in protein.

Guacamole is the go-to when you have a couple of ripe avocados in the kitchen cupboard. That's because it's a fail-safe: easy to make yet full of guaranteed goodness and tastiness. Go easy on the salt if you want to keep it healthy.

Burgers are some of our favorite easy meals on the go, but they can be a little heavy-hitting with additional condiments and toppings. Try switching popular condiments for mashed-up avocado instead – avocados are lower in sugar than many condiments.

Pasta is another weeknight go-to we tend to whip up when we want to spend more time being active than cooking. But did you know that avocado makes a great – not to mention healthy – pasta sauce?

Feeling inspired to cook? Find a wealth of delicious avocado recipes below!

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