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The mere existence of Avocados From Mexico (AFM) is a phenomenal accomplishment.

Created in 2013, the objective of this non-profit marketing organization is to promote the product of its two founding avocado organizations: MHAIA (Mexican Hass Avocado Importers Association), which represents hundreds of importers and distributors in the United States and APEAM (Association of Avocado Exporting Producers and Packers of Mexico) that represents more than 29,000 small avocado growers and 65 packers. For the first time in history, two international organizations came together and under the Hass Avocado Promotion Research and Information Order with oversight by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), created a unique company charged with the dual responsibility of promoting a brand for Mexican avocados and expanding the demand of the precious fruit throughout the U.S.

Since then, the company has taken a unique and innovative approach to establishing Avocados From Mexico as a top brand in the U.S. for avocados by delivering creative ways to not only fuel America’s appetite for healthy eating, but by also significantly contributing to the economy through thousands of newly created jobs and billions of dollars in economic output as a result of U.S. imports of Mexican Hass avocados.

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Source: 2018 Update: The U.S. National and State- Level Economic Benefits of Avocado Imports from Mexico, Williams and Hanselka, Texas A&M Report.

While the avocados are from Mexico, we are located in the U.S.

Avocados From Mexico
222 West Las Colinas Boulevard #850e, Irving, TX 75039

The results speak for themselves:Seven successful Big Game campaigns delivering more than 41 billion brand impressions, and an exponentially growing demand for avocados that has led to an annual consumption of 2.5 billion pounds of avocados in the U.S. alone.

8 in 10 avocadosIn the U.S. Come From Mexico

In seven years, Avocados From Mexico has almost doubled the volume of Mexican avocados imported to the U.S. to meet this demand and currently, 8 in 10 avocados in the U.S. come from Mexico. This level of market penetration can be attributed to pioneering innovations launched by AFM’s marketing team over the years which most recently led to Avocados From Mexico being named by Fast Company as one of 2021 Most Innovative Companies in the World and No.1 in the Branding category. In 2020, AFM was also named for Fast Company’s list of Top 100 Workplaces for Innovators in the World.

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Breakthrough innovations include many industry firsts.

AFM is the first fresh produce brand ever to have a TV ad in the Big Game, and the only brand to be ranked as one of the top two Big Game digital campaigns for five consecutive years by the Merkle Report. Avocados From Mexico launched the first education chatbot in the produce category, the first-ever Big Game activations with Blockchain and IBM Watson, the only Avocado University certified program in existence, and the first polished-casual avocado restaurant in the World, located in Dallas, Texas.

Our Corporate Headquarters in Dallas, Texas

Top brandin the U.S. for avocados

By applying CPG mentality to a package-free fruit, as well as a novel approach to corporate culture, AFM has established Avocados From Mexico as a top brand in the U.S. for avocados. AFM’s innovative approach continues to drive its high-performance team to share their unique culture throughout the U.S. and spread the vibrant magic of their company’s essence:

Mexicanity.All of this fuels the aspiration of Avocados From Mexico to be one of the most highly valued produce brands in America.

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