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It’s always good to have Avocados From Mexico on hand for a Big Game watch party. Whether you’re going big by making the world’s largest bowl of Big Game guacamole or staying classic by serving them sliced on a hamburger or hotdog, avocados are a key ingredient to creating good times, and we’ve got you covered. Get prepared with our Big Game Day FAQs and recipes below, plus some tips and other good info on how to make your Big Game watch party even better.


When is the 2023 Big Game?

Sunday, February 12, 2023. But every day is a big day when you make it better with avocados.

What time is the Big Game?

3:30 p.m. Eastern Time. Looks like we’re all going to need to start prepping for our Big Game viewing parties a little earlier
than usual. Good thing it takes next to no time to mix up a delicious batch of guac.

Where is the Big Game?

Glendale, Arizona. But the better question might be, where is the best Big Game watch party. Anywhere they’re making it
better with guac made from Avocados From Mexico. Head to The Goodness Hotel for the ultimate Big Game experience
full of recipes, music, and more.

What to serve at a football party?

Guacamole, of course! There’s no wrong way to serve guacamole, but you can make it even better with Avocados From
Mexico recipe ideas. Deion Sanders and Tracey Edmunds take it up a notch with their always good guacamole dishes.
Deion’s Tasty Good Guac packs a punch with a bacon-onion-garlic flavor explosion, and Tracey’s Good Fat Delish
is simple, fresh, and a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Don’t stop now! Check out more game-changing guacamole recipes here — your Big Game watch
party guests will thank you.

Good games to play at a football party?

Big Game Squares are always a hit. You just need a big piece of paper and a pen. Here are the steps:

  1. Draw a big square on a piece of paper, and then draw horizontal and vertical lines to create 10
    horizontal rows and 10 vertical columns, which form 100 equally sized squares.
  2. Divide the squares equally amongst your party guests by writing each guest’s name in a square until all
    the squares are filled. If you have 10 partygoers, each one gets 10 squares! The names should be
    dispersed randomly throughout.
  3. Along the left edge of the big square, number each row with a single digit number, 0 through 9, in
    random order. Only use each number once.
  4. Do the same along the top of the big square, numbering each column.
  5. After each quarter, check the score and use the last digit from each number. For example, if the score
    after the first quarter is 10-3, the winner is the person whose square lines up with the row numbered 0 and
    the column numbered 3. Award the winners after the first, second, and third quarters, and then after the
    final score. Prizes are up to you!

But, before you get the Big Game party festivities started, try your luck and play in The Goodness Hotel
Sweepstakes. The winnings are as big as the game, with a grand prize of $100,000! Other awesome prizes
include Big Game Green Goodness Jerseys that you’ll definitely want to wear for your Big Game watch party.

Best Big Game commercials?

Get a seat at The Goodness Hotel to watch the best Big Game commercial. Watch from the Goodness Lobby or head
up to the Garden of Goodness for a rooftop viewing.

Where can I find more Big Game fun?

The Big Game is always a good time, but if you’re looking for more Big Game fun, head to The Goodness Hotel. Here
Avocados from Mexico elevates your Big Game experience and makes it even better with plenty of rooms to explore. Visit
the Good Time Elevator and send a postcard selfie to all your friends, mix up a better beat with Avocado
Intelligence (A.I.)
, pick up recipes, tips and tricks, and even win or purchase Big Game goodies like T-shirts and
Goodness Jerseys.


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Guac of Eden
Deion’s Tasty
Good Guac
Tracey’s Good
Fat Delish Guac

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