Recipes for All Seasons

With these delicious recipes in the mix, you can create dishes that everyone will love while providing a healthy serving of the “good fats” with nutrient-dense, cholesterol-free Avocados From Mexico. For breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and even dessert year-round, Avocados From Mexico add flavor and Excitement to every meal.


Avocados From Mexico is committed to spreading the word about these delicious, nutritious fruits. Take a look at where Avocados From Mexico is making a difference by participating in a variety of noteworthy events across the country.

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Industry Insights

Backed by extensive analysis and solid insights, The Patron Study provides a clear understanding of consumer attitudes, behaviors and desires regarding fresh and delicious Avocados From Mexico. Take a look at this easy-to-read comprehensive study proving that consumers consistently love the addition of fresh avocados at every meal.


Director of food service for Avocados From Mexico, Chef Mark Garcia brings his enthusiasm, creativity and solid experience to the AFM team. Learn tips, tricks and recommendations from the master himself.

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Avocados From Mexico partners with importers around the country who deliver fresh, nutritious avocados 24/7/365. Find your local importer here.