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It's time to rediscover the power of guacamole. With our collection of exciting new techniques, we're taking guac to new heights, elevating the traditional classic into a modern-day menu star. Delight your diners with our bold new flavors and exciting mashups from across the country and around the world.

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At Avocados From Mexico, we strive to better understand restaurant patrons and provide operator partners with key insights to help drive business growth. In 2019, we conducted a Guacamole Patron Study with Technomic, Inc. to learn more about the impact of adding fresh guacamole to your menu.

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of Study Participants
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With our tips, techniques and endless inspirations, we'll show you that putting guac to work across your menu is an easy way to give your diners the exciting flavors they want and a dish that may help drive sales. Whether classic or on the cutting edge, when you make guacamole with Avocados From Mexico, you're guaranteed:

  • FRESHNESS — the ONLY avocado available to make fresh guac in every season
  • FLAVOR — a creamy, buttery, irresistible taste and texture
  • VIBRANT COLOR — a striking green, craveable color on any dish
  • VERSATILITY — from classic lime and onion to globally inspired twists, add flavor and value to any cuisine
  • QUALITY — a rigorous quality control program ensures the highest quality fruit is always available
  • DRIVE SALES — take any dish to the next level of fresh and add the value that avocados are known for

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Avocados From Mexico Large-Batch Guacamole Base:

With this recipe and our tips for storage, you can keep guac fresh and flavorful for up to three days!

Step 1 Halve, pit, and scoop 5 pounds of Avocados From Mexico into a very large metal mixing bowl.
Step 2 Using a large potato masher, smash avocados until the mixture is smooth.
Step 3 Add 3/4 cup fresh lime juice & 2 tablespoons salt. Using a large spoon or spatula, mix until well combined.
Step 4 Transfer guacamole base into a 4 to 6-quart container, smoothing as you go to eliminate any air pockets. Tap the container against work surface to dislodge any remaining air bubbles.
Step 5 Wrap container tightly with plastic wrap, pressing and smoothing plastic directly against the surface of the guacamole to seal from air.
Step 6 Once tightly sealed, label container with date and time, and place in the refrigerator to hold for up to 72 hours. When ready to use, mix in any other ingredients or flavors you'd like.