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Welcome to the Avocados From Mexico
Foodservice website. Our goal is to provide
foodservice professionals with the tips,
tricks, tools and ideas you need to help
incorporate creamy, delicious, heart-healthy
avocados into your recipes and menus. In
addition to the valuable resources you’ll
find here, our team is also happy to help
you create a dynamic, customizable plan
for your organization. If you’re interested in doing so, please
don’t hesitate to contact us!

Check out this short video from our Avocado University video
series to learn more about who AFM is and how we are changing the produce industry.

About AFM

Learn more about Avocados From Mexico,
the marketing arm of Mexican avocado
growers, importers, and packers.

Contact uS

Looking for more info, have big questions,
or just want to talk? Contact a member
of the Avocados From Mexico
foodservice team.