One fruit.
Endless Possibilities.

Let us help you EASILY capitalize on market demand for fresh avocados and trending global flavors with an extensive library of culinary inspirations, operationally tested storage and handling techniques, immersive educational tools and workshops, robust menu ideations, and our one-of-a-kind Guac Cart Program. When you partner with us, you get the support you need in every aspect of your operation—every step of the way.

When you serve guacamole made with
Avocados From Mexico, you’re guaranteed:


of consumers prefer the
taste of fresh guacamole
compared to processed

  • Freshness: the consumer-preferred avocado format*
  • Availability: the only fresh avocado available all year long
  • Versatility: one SKU that works across cuisines, dayparts, and usage occasions
  • Quality: a rigorous quality control program to ensure the highest-quality fruit
  • Profitability: consumers are willing to pay up to $2 to add fresh avocado to their dishes across segments**

* Fresh vs. Processed Taste Test Report, AFM November 2020 **2016 Technomic, Inc, Patron Report, Avocados From Mexico

The power of fresh guacamole:
out of the bowl & around the world

Our latest foodservice innovations feature creative guacamoles inspired
by hot global cuisines so you can put the value of fresh guacamole to
work on any and every menu.

Click a region below to explore our
thoughtfully innovated global recipes.

Global Guac Recipe Book

Our foodservice team created twelve guacamoles
with endless possibilities. Download the Global
Guac recipe book with craveable recipes and
valuable techniques for every menu.