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Avocado Green Mole


How to Make Avocado Chicharrones

-Step 1-

Preheat a fryer to 350°F and crumble 1/4 cup of chicharrones into a dish. Slice Avocados From Mexico into 1/4-inch slices, dredge each slice in flour, dip into egg wash, and then place in the dish of crushed chicharrones.

-Step 2-

Press each avocado slice into the chicharrones, turning and tossing each piece in the crumbs until it is thoroughly coated.

-Step 3-

Submerge coated avocado slices into the fryer until golden brown for about 2 minutes.

-Step 4-

Remove avocados from the fryer when crisp and sprinkle with kosher salt. Serve immediately.

We gave salty chicharrones the avo upgrade for crispy, creamy bites that are perfect as is with a drizzle of Avocado Chipotle Ranch Crema or as the base of a hearty breakfast skillet like our Breakfast Chicharrones with Steak and Eggs.

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Taste the Traditions

Consumers are hungrier than ever for authentic global foods and inspiring restaurants to embrace international traditions, techniques, and ingredients that excite today’s bold tastes. Mexican cuisine has long been a consumer favorite with flavors and forms from across the border firmly cemented on foodservice menus. Now is the time to dive deeper into Mexico’s rich and flavorful culinary landscape with delicious new dishes inspired by time-tested traditions.

Modern Mexico: Where Tradition Meets Innovation

From moles to tamales, horchata to chicharrones, and tortas to tacos, Mexican dishes made with fresh Avocados From Mexico are the perfect way to serve up the authenticity your diners crave with the modern flavor twists that are always in demand. And with Avocados From Mexico’s year-round availability, we supply the premium value you love. With Avocados From Mexico on the menu, you’re guaranteed:


the ONLY avocado
available in every


a creamy, buttery,
irresistibly smooth

Vibrant Color

add craveable
appeal to any dish


from Mexican classics
to contemporary,
chef-driven plates,
Avocados From Mexico
brings fresh flavor to
every cuisine style


a rigorous
program ensures
the highest quality
fruit is always


take any dish to the
next level of fresh
and command a
premium price

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While avocados are undoubtedly a 21st century star, they’ve been central to Mexican cuisine and traditions for over 10,000 years! Today, Mexico is still the world’s #1 avocado producer. In Michoacán, the trees naturally bloom four times a year, meaning every season is peak season. With Avocados From Mexico, the inspiration never stops growing. To learn more about the delicious history of avocados and the fruit's journey from seed to plate, watch our Avocadoland video series.

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