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The Guac Bowl

Football ain’t football without guacamole. Head to our virtual stadium for all your Big Game guacamole needs
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The Jumbotron

When your team scores a touchdown, we know you’ve got moves. Show us your dance moves and use #GuacFromMexico and #Sweepstakes for the opportunity to be featured on the Jumbotron and for the chance at one of the cash prizes.
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The Concession Stand

Not only can you order the ingredients for these guacamoles straight from our Concession Stand, but sharing them on Twitter could enter you for a chance to win $1,000,000! 🤩
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Personalized Digital Autographs

Courtesy of former QB Troy Aikman and sportscaster Erin Andrews.
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The Souvenir Store

Don’t leave the Guac Bowl without snagging some swag. Learn how you can share these items for a chance to win them!
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