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5 Avocado Smoothie Recipes to Add Nutrient-Dense Foods to Your Diet

The word is out: Adding flavor and nutrients, getting green goodness into your smoothies is a must. With their creamy texture and ample health benefits, avocados are the perfect base — andfrom pineapple to horchata to almond butter, the flavor combinations are endless.

Read on for five nutrient-dense smoothie and shake recipes to try for your next on-the-go meal.

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5 Easy Avocado Smoothie Recipes

5-Minute Avocado Horchata

Garnished with cinnamon sticks, this avocado-fueled take on a traditional Mexican beverage requires far less preparation than traditional horchata recipes.

Avocado Ginger Lassi

Cardamom and ginger spice up this frozen treat featuring creamy avocados.

Spicy Pineapple Avo Smoothie

If you’re brave enough to add jalapeño into your mixture, try this green blend of pineapple, chard leaves, lime juice, and avocado.

Indonesian-Style Avocado Coffee Milkshake

For an international take on a morning pick-me-up, blend avocados with strong coffee and condensed milk in this shake.

Avocado, Almond Butter, Green Smoothie

Mango, almond butter, and agave sweeten this spinach-and-avocado smoothie that gives a good dose of greens.

How ever you decide to shake up your mealtime routine, talk to your doctor about ways to incorporate nutrient-dense foods into your diet. He or she may provide a list of foods, like avocados, that you can easily mix into your next on-the-go treat.

Visit our avocado beverage and shakes recipe page for more ways to incorporate nutrient dense avocados into your daily routine.

By Avocados From Mexico June 19, 2019

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