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Roll with It: Avocado Spring Rolls and Egg Rolls

Enjoying spring can mean a lot of things: the new season, a spring in your step, an extra hour of sunlight, or spring rolls. We hope you get a chance to enjoy all of the above this season, and, if you make some delicious spring rolls (or their cousin, the egg roll), kick them up a notch by adding some of our favorite green fruit: avocado.

Keeping it Fresh

You’re probably familiar with deep-fried egg rolls, but let’s keep things a little lighter while taking advantage of the warmer weather by giving you a fresh take on these bite-sized favorites. In this avocado, mango, and tofu spring roll recipe, the addition of sweet mango contrasts with the saltiness of soy sauce, while the crunchy carrot and fresh cilantro get enrobed in deliciously creamy avocado.

As an added bonus, it’s all about the chopping and assembly here – cooking is limited to putting some vermicelli noodles in hot water! Once they soften, fill your rice paper with shredded carrots, cilantro, mango, and half a ripe avocado.

To ensure your avocado is at its peak readiness, look for one that is dark green to nearly black and yields to the gentlest pressure without being mushy. Take a look at the visual cues here. Add some finely diced tofu and then roll it all up. You’ll want to make sure the accompanying dipping sauce is ready so you can dig in with abandon.

Snackable Bites

If you’re craving something a little more crispy, then this terrific version of the classic finger and party food, the egg roll, might just be the ticket. This baked bacon and avocado egg roll recipe also allows you to be as decadent or health-conscious as you like. Being good? Bake up some turkey bacon. Feel like indulging? Then fry up some smoked bacon. The recipe also lends itself to playing with flavors that work for you. Don’t like cilantro? Then grab a bunch of parsley or some chopped chives for your filling and add a chiffonade of mint into your yogurt dip. The same goes for spices, whether cumin calls to you or paprika beckons.

Best of all, you bake these egg rolls, which saves you from having to use the deep fryer (and extra calories). Be playful with your flavors while still getting your protein fix, paired alongside creamy, satisfying avocado. Ever wonder how the experts easily dice an avocado? Wonder no more, and use this technique in the above-noted egg roll recipe. All you have to do is cut the avocado in half, remove the pit, slice through the meat in squares, and, voila, a perfectly dice avocado!

By Avocados From Mexico April 02, 2018

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