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It’s not news that we eat with our eyes first. This is especially the case when you gather family and friends around the table for a holiday meal like Thanksgiving. Well, something you’re sure to be thankful of when the holiday’s roll around is our eye-pleasing presentation tips. We can also help you show off your newly-minted plating and table setting skills with a couple of crowd-friendly, avocado-based delights to boot!

Set the Scene

Whether you want casual elegance, high-end formality, or rustic charm, start by thinking about your table settings in terms of the food you’ll serve. This is the time to bring out the good stuff, like that fine bone china that usually sits in your cupboard. Or, follow the lead of many high-end restaurants by mixing natural elements like slate or polished wooden boards with any of your fancier plates and silverware for a family-style food service. If you’re still not sure what plates to pull, stick to classic white.

For a terrific appetizer this Thanksgiving, try this in-season, colorful tortilla soup, topped with cubes of bright green avocado in a beautiful hand-thrown pottery bowl or wide-mouthed mug. To get that tidy dice, cut your Avocado From Mexico in half, use a spoon to remove the pit, cut length-wise to slice, and then dice into little squares. Check out our video for a quick tutorial.

While you’re at it, bring in some elements from the outdoors. Pretty pine cones, twigs wrapped in festive ribbon that complement your table’s color scheme, colorful dried corn on the cob, or mini gourds all make for interesting centerpieces.

Perfect Plates

Whether you’re plating individual courses or platters, there are a few handy rules to keep in mind for plate success. First: Don’t overcrowd a plate or platter. Food won’t look as appetizing, and you’ll have no “white space” left to admire your hard work. Try to keep big ticket items, like a turkey or fish, whole. There’s a “wow-factor” in a whole turkey arriving at the table.

If you’re serving individual plates, remember: odd numbers look better than even ones. So that’s three olives, not four, for example. And consider serving food using the old-school “clock” method: 11 o’clock is for carbs, 2 o’clock features veggies (covering half the plate), and 6 o’clock is for proteins, covering one-quarter of the plate.

And don’t skimp on dessert — it’s the holiday! Try Mexican chef Pati Jinich’s enticing Lime Meringues with Avocado Mascarpone Cream. It’s a light alternative or addition to your dessert selection because who doesn’t like a feather-light meringue with a silky filling?

When looking for the perfect avocado, check that the bumpy skin on your avo is dark and if it slightly yields to gentle pressure you can be sure you’ve got a good one.

By Avocados From Mexico November 11, 2017

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