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Make Your Own Avocado Bread

It can be difficult to keep up with today’s plethora of dietary restrictions and preferences. Luckily, there exist many options that make it easier to accommodate most dietary challenges so we can continue to enjoy eating good, delicious food!

Carbohydrate reduction is nothing new, but making reduced-carb breads usually has varying degrees of success. Enter “oopsie bread,” home-baked, easy-to-make flatbread that reduces the wheat gluten, offers reduced carbs, and still satisfies with just-baked freshness. And if you’re wondering, the name of this bread comes from — you guessed it! — a kitchen mistake that turned out to be quite tasty!

Skip the cheese

Most oopsie bread recipes make use of cream cheese or ricotta to provide moisture and body, so if you avoid dairy, this tasty flatbread wouldn’t have been an option — until now. The deliciously healthy and versatile avocado lends moisture and good fats to the bread, but leaves out the lactose that causes some people issues. You’ll need to have some ripe avocados handy, and if you’re in a rush, a brown paper bag is all you need to bring them to maturation more quickly.

In fact, keep them around the kitchen to make sure you’ve got a steady supply of mashable avos on hand. No ripe avocados at your local grocery store? No problem! Brown bag your avos with a banana for up to four days (check in between for perfect ripeness). Problem solved.

As this recipe replaces the creaminess of cheese, it’s important to start with the right avocado to give you just the perfect texture. Look for a dark avocado that’s firm to the touch but not rock hard. For these and other handy avo-tips, check out the Avocados From Mexico how-to video guides.

The Process

Before you get going on your avocado, simply beat some egg whites to stiff peaks, adding some cream of tartar to help you get the right consistency. After that, peel, pit, and purée your ripe avocado in a food processor until it’s completely smooth. Then, gently fold into the egg whites so as to maintain the fluffiness.

You can also add some almond flour and psyllium husks for additional texture and fiber; just be sure to fold everything in gently without whipping. After that, it’s as simple as putting the mix on a parchment-lined baking sheet and waiting for the magic to happen.

Go ahead and use the bread as tasty substitutes for burger buns and sandwich bread. And don’t worry if they dry out. You can make toast rounds for breakfast (and top them with a serving of avocado, of course!).

By Avocados From Mexico September 18, 2017

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