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Guac & Roll: Crescent Roll Recipes for the Avocado Lover

Avocado trees are native to Mexico, which is why avocados pop up in so many of your favorite Mexican dishes. But what happens when you combine a native Mexican ingredient like the avocado with an iconic ingredient from another country … say, flaky, versatile French puff pastry? Your world explodes with deliciousness, that’s what!

Traditional French puff pastry is made by creating layers of dough and cold butter. As the butter melts, the pastry expands and rises without the help of yeast or other rising agents. The whole process takes six to eight hours to complete if you’re cooking from scratch. Sound impractical for your busy life? Fear not! Americans reinvented puff pastry in the form of ready-made crescent roll dough, which you can find in the refrigerated section at your supermarket. While not technically puff pastry (crescent roll dough is a yeast-raised dough with butter added for flavor), you actually get a biscuit-puff pastry hybrid, which is even more flexible than French puff pastry.

So what can you do with this dough? Plenty!

A Fusion of France and Mexico

Stick with that Mexican-French fusion idea and prep a batch of these taco lollipops for your next party. The crescent roll dough acts as the outer shell of the taco lollipops, which are baked on sticks, because really: Isn’t everything more fun to eat on a stick? Serve the lollipops with some guacamole or an avocado tomatillo salsa for dipping, which would pair perfectly with the buttery dough.

Another option would be taking the popular American-French hybrid food, pigs in a blanket, and using Mexican ingredients, like Mexican chorizo and avocado wrapped with crescent roll dough. Or go one step further, and roll the pigs and avo in a “blanket”, then encrust it with crushed cheese tortilla chips for a crunchy nacho dog in a blanket.

No Limits to Creating a Delicious Crescent Roll

Think of the crescent roll dough as the perfect palette for your favorite flavors and go from there. So if, for example, you love buffalo wings and blue cheese, you can make buffalo chicken poppers with an avocado blue cheese dip. Sound delicious? It is! Stuffing the crescent roll dough with cooked chicken that’s been tossed in buffalo wing sauce, and mix in a little cream cheese to balance it all. Prefer Indian flavors? Dress up this chickpea avocado salad with garam masala, cumin, and coriander. Then, flatten out some crescent roll dough like a pizza (brush with olive oil, salt, and pepper), bake until crispy, and serve the salad on top, along with some mango or cilantro chutney.

Need a simple but satisfying meal in a hurry? Just place a thick slice of avocado inside a crescent roll, using lemon vinaigrette as a dipping sauce (the acid will help balance the creamy, buttery avocado flavor). If you are serving a crowd, try making a crescent ring, which is perfect for dinner or parties. Mix cooked chicken, cheddar cheese, diced avocado, and chopped bacon, then stuff it all into a crescent ring. Need a brunch dish? Stuff the ring with egg, bacon, cheese, and avocado!

Experiment and have fun! You’re limited only by your imagination and your pantry. Grab some pre-made crescent roll dough and ripe avocados the next time you are at the grocery store, and get excited. You are about take your avocado love to the next level, and it’s gonna taste so good!

By Avocados From Mexico December 12, 2016

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