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5 Simple Avocado Recipes

When life gets busy, it’s easy to let your usual eating habits go to the wayside. But whether you’re overdue for a trip to the grocery store or just running low on time, a few simple ingredients and a little ingenuity can make for a meal that’s not only quick and easy but delicious as well.

Versatile and a source of good fats, avocados are a great place to start. Next time you’re in a pinch, try these five simple avocado recipes.

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5 Simple Avocado Recipes

Grapefruit and Avocado Salad – 3 Ingredients

Slices of avocado contrast with tangy pink grapefruit in this fruit salad. A drizzle of dressing helps unify the strong flavors of the plate.

Avocado Toast with Ham – 4 Ingredients

York ham and aioli sauce top this Instagram-worthy favorite. Mash and spread avocados on whole wheat toast to form the picture-perfect base for this simple avocado recipe.

Avocado Butter with Sea Salt – 5 Ingredients

This spread can provide an alternative to nut butters that is filled with good fats. Garlic and chile de árbol combine with brown sugar for a sweetened spice.

Salmon and Avocado Crackers – 6 Ingredients

These bites are a tango of two textures with crunchy crackers and creamy avocados. Smoked salmon adds a protein punch.

Avocado Roll with Cucumber – 6 Ingredients

As a base ingredient in many sauces and dips, avocado provides a bold flavor that still mingles well with other condiments. Hummus, avocado, and red sauce work to season the savory vegetables that make up these roll-ups.

Whether you decide to use avocados as a spread, a sauce, or a centerpiece in your next simple meal, talk to your doctor about how you can healthfully include the good fats in avocados in your diet before preparing these recipes with avocado.

Visit our avocado recipes page to discover more easy ways to get the good fats from avocados into your diet.

By Avocados From Mexico June 19, 2019

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