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October 10, 2023



There are many things that make fresh Avocados From Mexico so special… especially the fact that they’re always in season and available year-round! Which means that even when there’s a chill in the air, you can menu dishes featuring fresh avocado — knowing your supply will stay consistent. And since 77% of consumers prefer fresh avocado over processed1, you’ll keep your patrons happy with the appealing flavor, color and texture they know and love.

Avos can be incorporated into exciting LTOs that differentiate your menu during the fall months. Whether it’s through back-to-school, gameday or comfort cuisine, fresh avocado captures the spirit of the season. Since 82% of consumers are interested in LTOs that feature fresh ingredients2, dishes like fall-inspired bowls, loaded burgers and shareable apps incorporating fresh avocado are sure to be seasonal hits on the menu.


On-trend recipes for fall menus

At this time of year, customers are seeking out comfort foods and the iconic ingredients of fall. The great thing about fresh Avocados From Mexico is how they enliven your signature offerings while perfectly complementing the flavors your patrons crave. And don’t forget to promote your seasonal creations by using our 100% Fresh seal. It’s a great way to show your customers they’re about to enjoy an awesome dish with the fresh avocado they know and love.


For example, this autumnal Roasted Pumpkin and Avocado Salad stands out thanks to bright colors, an exciting mix of textures and, of course, beautiful half-moon slices of fresh avocado. Fresh avocados can even be used for dessert! Try them in both a warm, nutty bread pudding and avocado cheesecake ice cream, for an unexpected take on the iconic fall apple pie… our Avocado Apple Pie Bread Pudding. And during the holiday season, your customers will give thanks for this unique twist on a classic: Thanksgiving Guac! It features fresh avocado, green apple, cranberries and walnuts, served in a roasted acorn squash.


Opportunities to watch sports tend to bring customers in bright and early, especially on the weekends. Cater to the gameday crowd with a Bloody Mary Avocado Breakfast Sandwich. It features thinly sliced flat iron steak, scrambled eggs, cheddar and mayo on an English muffin, topped with a Bloody Mary Avocado Salsa featuring fresh avocado. For special events like happy hour or tailgate-themed nights, satisfy your hungry sports fans with a hearty Bacon Gorgonzola Guac Burger, loaded with guac featuring fresh avocado. Crumbled gorgonzola and bacon take these fall flavors to the next level! If you need the inside scoop on how to prep and store fresh guac in bulk for recipes like these, we’ve got you covered.


Easy, fun promotions for noncomm operators

Attention, noncommercial operators! If you’re looking to run a special event or themed promotion this fall, here’s the solution for you. We’re currently offering two programs: Bold Burger Bash and Guac N Tacos. All of the digital tools, recipes and point-of-sale templates you need to execute these programs are available at no cost — simply connect with us to get started.


Collaboration and partnerships: we’re here for you

Whether you’re looking for employee training, educational materials, traffic-driving promotional ideas or a collaborative recipe development session, Avocados From Mexico is here to help. Contact us to learn more about these partnership opportunities — or any other ways we can work together to solve your operational challenges.



1Avocados From Mexico, Blinded Consumer Taste Test Study, 2020

2Datassential, “Limited Time Offers: Keynote Report,” June 2022


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