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The GuacGroove


Avocados are bumpy,
But guac can be smooth.
Unless making it lumpy,
Is your go-to move.
Guac’s always the right call,
For gatherings short and long.
Because a good guac can fix all,
No matter what’s wrong.
And with the main ingredient
Always in season,
This can make things expedient
If you demand guac for any reason.
There’s no need to be grumpy,
You’ve got nothing to prove.
Good guac will make you less jumpy,
So you can just chill and groove.

Holy Guacamole


There once was a guac, though heart-healthy, was far too spicy.
To eat it you had to be feisty.
The first bite was good but then,
the spices kicked in.
Making speaking clearly quite dicey.

Easy Being Green


My guac is so green.
Like a spring meadow in bloom.
Sans other colors.

The Little Green Lie


Are you a mom who’s tired of sharing her food?
Do your kiddos ever ruin your mealtime mood?
After a long, hard day you just want to eat a full meal.
But when you’re not looking, your angels can steal.
Sometimes you get half a sandwich if you’re lucky.
And dessert? Haha, isn’t that funny.
So the next time you get guac at your favorite place,
Know full well the kids will crave more than a taste.
And why not, it has nearly twenty vitamins and minerals,
Stuff kids need especially when they’re acting like little generals.
So when your guac comes to the table,
Just this once go ahead and make up a small fable.
Tell them a little “green” lie so harmless and teeny.
Tell them the guac is actually mashed-broccolini
They’ll likely turn up their noses and look away quite affronted,
But that night you’ll get all the guac you’ve always wanted. © 2023 All rights reserved.

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