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January 31, 2024



Welcome to a fresh new year with Avocados From Mexico! Customers want to start out on the right foot, and that means being more mindful about their dining decisions. That could mean participating in plant-based “Veganuary,” looking to boost superfood consumption or simply making ingredient swaps that promote a healthy diet. And fresh avocados fit     the bill!


Whatever your patrons’ needs may be, fresh Avocados From Mexico bring the exceptional flavor, color and nutritional benefits that are top-of-mind now—and perfect all year long. A whopping 77% of consumers prefer fresh avocados over processed1, making them the ideal ingredient to incorporate into your healthy seasonal menu offerings.


Fresh avocados provide a whole food source of naturally good fats. They’re also cholesterol-free and contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals that can support a healthy diet. Wholesome is awesome, and Avocados From Mexico are SuperGood for you.


A healthful approach to new year menus

If you’re looking to add some wholesome offerings to your menu at this time of year, think vibrant salads, power bowls, creamy yet wholesome spreads, and satisfying breakfasts. The goodness of Avocados From Mexico truly extends across culinary applications. Don’t forget to use
our 100% Fresh seal to show your customers the fresh flavor they’re about to enjoy.


Let’s start with bowls and salads… they may be “classic” but they certainly don’t have to be boring. The mix of colors, flavors and textures in our Charred Avocado & Mango Salad Bowl, for example, truly packs a punch. The use of a fresh salsa in place of a traditional salad dressing stands out in a sea of sameness. We’ve also changed up another menu staple with our Winter Plant-Based Avocado Cobb Salad. Nutritious fresh avocado, kale and cabbage bring the green goodness, and unique toppings like carrot “bacon” and roasted baby bella mushrooms will convert any meat lover to the plant side! Heart-healthy grain bowls like our Farro Salad with Lemon and Fresh Dill Herbed Dressing are flavorful while still being wholesome, thanks to fresh diced avocado, farro, arugula, walnuts and Greek yogurt.


Instead of spreads and toppings based in cheese, mayonnaise or sour cream, why not bring indulgent flavor in a healthier format with fresh Avocados From Mexico? For example, our Grilled Salmon Burger is topped with a simple avocado mash, seasoned only with fresh lime juice and a pinch of kosher salt. On the breakfast or brunch menu, a rustic fresh avocado mash serves as a delicious base for Avocado Toast with Red Pepper Flakes and Eggs, topped with fire-roasted tomatoes and microgreens.


Fresh promotions make breakfast even better in noncomm

Wake up to AvoAM, our new turnkey program for noncommercial operators! Help your diners start their day the fresh avocado way, with a fun and easy program to generate excitement about your breakfast program. We’ll provide all of the recipes, digital tools and point-of-sale templates you need to run a successful promotion, at no cost to you! Simply connect with us to get started.


Become an expert on all things fresh, with AvoU

At Avocados From Mexico, we’re eliminating the challenges that often come with team training. Whether you’re looking for virtual on-demand courses that can be taken anywhere or want an immersive in-person learning experience at our state-of-the-art AvoLab in Dallas, we have a training path to meet your needs. Contact us to learn more, or register directly for our self-guided on-demand class at

Source: Avocados From Mexico, Blinded Consumer Taste Test Study, 2020


Avocado University

Enroll in our custom-designed avocado education classes that are created to help you and your team become experts in all things avocado!

FoodService Recipes

There's no end to the mouth-watering recipes you can make with Avocados From Mexico. We have some avo-mazing ones you can start with, though.

Fresh Seal Program

A whopping 77% of your patrons can tell the difference between fresh and processed avocado, and prefer the good stuff (fresh, that is). See the research for yourself, then give the people what they want.


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