5 Plant-Based Guacamole Recipes

Plant-Based Guacamole

A plant-based diet consists of eating a diet made up of predominantly plants — not animal products. A typical plant-based grocery list might include foods such as broccoli, corn, beans, tofu, almond milk, and (thank goodness!) avocado.

Avocado has a wide range of culinary uses and can be enjoyed by anyone following a plant-based diet. The versatile green fruit is a great cooking substitute for animal products, such as meat or traditional spreads, for anyone on the plant-based diet.

If you’re on a plant-based diet and you’re looking to expand your snack repertoire, start by using these plant-based guacamole recipes.

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5 Plant-Based Guacamole Recipes

  • Edamame Guacamole

    With similar flavor profiles, avocado and edamame create a buttery-soft mixture with sweet and nutty hints when blended. (Hint: For a creamier consistency, gradually add small amounts of water until the desired texture is reached.) Add a dollop to your favorite salad or spread it on top of toasted sesame crackers.

  • Spicy Three Pepper & Cayenne Guacamole

    The heat of the jalapeño, serrano chiles, and Fresno chiles is a perfect juxtaposition to avocado’s cool, smooth texture. Load this dip atop a crunchy bell pepper or lightly salted tortilla chip. No matter the vehicle, this guacamole is the star of the show.

  • Strawberry Pico Guacamole

    Creamy avocado is an ideal base for sweet, juicy strawberries. Fold in onion, cilantro, and jalapeño, and you have an unexpected combination that is a true celebration of flavors. Chances are you’ll scoop this directly from the bowl with a spoon. No judgement.

  • Sweet Potato Guac

    Two MVPs of the plant-based diet meet in this flavorful concoction. The versatility of avocado and sweet potatoes allows for a world of culinary creativity. In this dip, these kitchen essentials create the perfect foundation for an unparalleled taste, complete with sweet and savory traces throughout. Try this guacamole with your favorite tortilla chips or sliced fresh vegetables.

  • Vegan Guacamole

    Sautéed tofu gives this guacamole an edge on a bed of smooth avocado, cold cucumber, and fresh onion. For a more intense texture, leave the tofu in the skillet for a minute or two longer than directed. Serve with whole-grain crackers.

The possibilities are endless with guacamole, so don’t let the plant-based diet limit your imagination. Find more inspiration for guacamole recipes in our archive.

By Avocados From Mexico December 29, 2020

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