5 Mediterranean Guacamole Recipes

Mediterranean cuisine is all about fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and limiting saturated fats. So whether you’re on the Mediterranean diet or are simply a fan of the cuisine, you can leave Avocados From Mexico on your grocery list. That’s why we gathered five mouthwatering ways to make guacamole, each recipe inspired by the zest of the Mediterranean.

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Mediterranean Guacamoles Recipes

    • Mediterranean Tabbouleh Guacamole

      This hearty guac is stuffed with goodness. Tomato, feta, and parsley are blended perfectly with the umami of bulgur for a full-bodied snack to beat anyone’s hunger. Dip with pita flatbread or olive bread for some added grain.

    • Pesto Caprese Guacamole

      Pesto and avocado: They’re better together. Trust us. This guacamole highlights a zesty trio of lemon, basil, and garlic, creamed together with jalapeño for heat and pine nuts for texture. Squisito!

    • Figtastic Guacamole

      Delicious avocado is layered with dried figs and smooth ricotta, opening a whole new world of guac. Finish it off with the sweet nutty crunch of pecans, and this guac has it all fig-ured out.

    • Pomegranate Guacamole

      Beginning with a classically delicious guacamole of mashed avocado, red onion, cilantro, and lime, this guac takes it to the next level as exciting pomegranate morsels erupt throughout. More like Olympus than Vesuvius, this guac is totally divine.

    • Mint & Cucumber Guacamole

      This Mediterranean guacamole is dressed to impress. Cherry red tomato, onion, and refreshing cucumber stand out against velvety smooth waves of avocado. Throw in a distinctive hint of mint and this guac looks (and tastes) like a million bucks.

If you dig these Mediterranean guacamole recipes or are looking for more ways to include avocados in the Mediterranean diet, check out our guacamole recipe page.

By Avocados From Mexico May 27, 2021

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