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Team Spirit Guacamole Recipes

Team Spirit Guacamole Recipes
October 28, 2020

Colorful Game Day Guacamole Ideas

We all want to show our devotion to our favorite team, even when watching the game from the couch. And while rooting for your team is second nature, incorporating your team colors into your game day spread is real dedication.


Guacamole is a versatile way to bring your team’s uniform to the table. From peewee to pro, we know you’re proud of your colors, so we’ve put together a winning lineup of game day guacamole ingredients for every fan of every team.


Don’t see your team’s colors? Get creative by mixing and matching! You can’t go wrong when you start with a base of traditional, authentic guacamole.


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Red Guacamole…

  • … and Yellow/Gold: If these are your team’s jersey colors, try adding some flare to your guacamole with diced mangos. Toss in some pomegranate seeds and each bite of this sweet, creamy guac will have a satisfying crunch.
  • … and Black: Decked out in black and red, guacamole packed with black beans and tomatoes is a quick and easy Southwest classic with a chunky-smooth combo. If you want to add some heat, a bit of red cayenne pepper goes a long way.
  • … and White: Strawberries and feta cheese can make your guac the star player of any game day spread. It’s a delightfully sweet guacamole that’s fit for the big leagues.


Yellow/Gold Guacamole…

  • … and Green: Go bold or go home! Everyone will get a kick out of the spicy-sweet mix that comes from adding jalapeños, cilantro, and pineapple chunks to a creamy base of Avocados From Mexico.
  • … and Purple: Sports fans can take home the W with red onion and roasted-corn guacamole. Smoky and fresh, you can count on these ingredients to show off your team spirit.
  • … and Black: Slice a yellow bell pepper and roast until the edges are blackened. Add plenty of cracked black pepper and garnish with a lemon wedge.


Pro Tip: Deep down, all guacamole bleeds green. Make sure you buy ripe avocados before the big game! Did you know you can also buy avocados online?


Blue Guacamole…

  • … and White: Take pride in your team colors (and your guac) by adding blueberries and cubed apple chunks to the mix. Top with gorgonzola or blue cheese crumbles and wait for the applause.
  • … and Red: When you bleed blue and red, your game day guacamole does too. Throw diced tomatoes and red bell peppers into the mix and serve with blue corn tortilla chips.
  • … and Yellow/Gold: Represent these classic team colors by combining grilled corn, garlic powder, and crumbled blue corn tortilla strips.


Orange Guacamole…

  • … and Brown: Boil and skin sweet potatoes before you blend them with avocado and onion to create a guacamole base. Sprinkle with bacon bits and season with chipotle spices for a touchdown dip.
  • … and White: Dish up a guacamole game changer with potato chunks, white onion, sour cream, and sharp cheddar cheese. Top with garlic salt and your team guac is guaranteed a spot in the Appetizer Hall of Fame.


Pick up some delicious Avocados From Mexico and start planning your game day guacamole with help from our guacamole recipes archive.


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