How to Make BBQ Guacamole

When hot summer weather approaches, we know you’re rearing to fire up the coals for backyard cookouts and smoky BBQ fun. We’re right there with you.

That’s why we’ve collected ideas to bring BBQ and guacamole together in the perfect summer blend. Smoked pork, BBQ chicken, brisket… you name it, because guacamole goes with everything!

Wondering how to create BBQ guacamole for your cookout spread? Look no further. Here you’ll find several tips on how to meld classic BBQ flavors with fresh, green guacamole to get ready for those hot summer nights.

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How to Make BBQ Guacamole

Carnivore Cravings

Grab your favorite meats and some delicious, ripe avocados! Add the smoky flavors of the firepit to the smooth cool texture of guacamole for a meat treat. Mix meats into your dip for added protein and fantastic flavor.

Try whipping up this Chicken Guacamole and use your own grilled chicken, BBQ chicken, or even buffalo chicken.

Pro tip: Get a load of flavor on your chip by chopping or shredding your pork, chicken, or beef into bite-size pieces. These can then be mixed into the guac or piled right on top.

After the meats have been picked over, you can be sure the mouthwatering drippings and shreds don’t go to waste. This BBQ Guacamole recipe is the perfect way to use brisket ends and tasty burnt bits for a kick of flavor.

But wait! There’s more! Toss some strips of bacon on the grill while you cook. Crumble them and sprinkle on top of your favorite guacamole recipe!

Mean, Green Grilling

Don’t forget to eat your greens. Grill up veggies before dicing them into your favorite guacamole recipe for a smoky flavor. While the grill is hot, place your vegetables over the coals to bring that flavor to all the other dishes at your table. Try it out with this Grilled Guacamole recipe. (Bonus tip: Check out this guide on grilling an avocado.)

Top It All Off

From brisket tacos mounded with delicious guacamole to burgers with an avocado spread, guacamole is the perfect addition to your favorite BBQ dish.

A classic guacamole can go a long way when it compliments a juicy steak or grilled chicken. This recipe for Spicy Steak N’ Guac Sandwiches on Garlic Texas Toast is just one way to enjoy the day with guac.

If it’s smoked, charred, or grilled, BBQ guacamole will make the day great! And if you’re hungry for more, our guacamole recipe page has tons of great ideas for making great guacamole.

By Avocados From Mexico June 02, 2020

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