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Guacamole Spread on Main Course Dishes

Guacamole Spread Ideas – 5 of Our Favorites!

What do you do when you have amazing appetizer aptitude, but your host has asked you to bring a main course? Served as a spread, guacamole pairs well with a variety of main course dishes — making it the perfect solution to an unexpected dinnertime designation.

Here are 5 ways to incorporate your favorite predinner dip into a memorable main course by using guacamole as a spread.

On Pizza

For a self-serve main course, try this Chicago-style pizza recipe that substitutes a classic guacamole spread for traditional marinera sauce. Cheese, chicken, and cayenne pepper top the dish.

On Sandwiches

Cut several of these spicy steak sandwiches into halves so guests can pair with available sides and salads. Guacamole spread and sour cream sauce balance the garlic and spicy flavors.

Substitute the avocado-chipotle mayonnaise in this meatball sub recipe for your favorite guacamole mixture, spread onto bread, and let guests fill their own sandwiches. Pro-tip: Use a spicy guacamole to enhance this recipe’s flavors.

On Burgers

Combine classic dinner-and-dip favorites in these guacamole burgers. Add your own signature guacamole ingredients to the spread in this recipe for extra dinner delight.

Combine classic dinner-and-dip favorites with these spiced turkey burger sliders with avo-feta guac. Feta cheese, lemon juice, and red pepper flakes add flavor and texture to this guacamole spread that complements lean turkey patties.

Mix Up Your Main Course

Whether it’s a family gathering or a fun festivity with friends, incorporating guacamole spread into dinner is sure to please the crowd. Use these recipes to let your appetizer-making abilities guide you on your way to main-course mastery.

Visit our guacamole recipes page for more dishes featuring guacamole spread.

By Avocados From Mexico September 10, 2019

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