East Coast Guacamole Recipes

If you love East Coast cuisine and guacamole, you’re in luck: There’s nothing quite like the combination of Avocados From Mexico and East Coast classics when whipping up your favorite dip.

These four East Coast guacamole recipes feature a taste of the culinary delicacies that make New England so exceptional — from cream cheese to copious amounts of seafood.

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  • Everything-but-the-Bagel Guac

    Mix up a delicious love letter to a quintessential New York City necessity: the everything bagel. Cream cheese harmoniously blends with avocado to create a rich, velvety base for smoked salmon, poppy seeds, and garlic. Slather this across a piece of toasted rye or a classic New York bagel.

  • Maryland-Style Crab Guac

    Crab meat is the star of this simple yet delicious adaptation. With a mild taste and buttery texture, mashed avocado creates a balanced base, highlighting hints of Worcestershire sauce and Dijon mustard. For a decorative look, dollop this guac on a tray of water crackers.

Pro tip: Can’t wait to mix up one of these delicious guacs? Speed up the ripening process by putting your avocado in a brown paper bag alongside a banana overnight.

  • New York Deli Guac

    Start spreading the news: This guacamole features chunks of cream cheese, diced nova smoked salmon, and diced English cucumber that create a unique consistency and layered taste. Serve this dense and delicious dip with freshly baked crostini.

  • Traditional Guacamole

    Sure, this one’s pretty straightforward, but it also shines as part of a main dish and as a crafty condiment. Pair this classic comfort with your favorite East Coast dish, from Philly cheesesteaks to Wawa hoagies. It’s also perfect for dipping your favorite slice of New York-style pizza into!

If you enjoyed these East Coast guacamole recipes, check out our avocado recipes page for other regional takes on everyone’s favorite dip.

By Avocados From Mexico April 08, 2020

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