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Cocktail and Guacamole Pairings


It’s always “5 o’guac” somewhere, so raise a Hass and say “Cheers!” with these inventive cocktail and guacamole pairings.

Whether you’re looking to wow a crowd or set a romantic table for two, there’s a combination of smoky, sweet, spicy, and savory flavors sure to guac your world.

Mango Guacamole & Roasted Jalapeño Margarita

Sweet + spicy

You’ll get a kick out of this guacamole pairing. Pair this tangy-sweet Mango Y Tajin Guacamole with a smoky Roasted Jalapeño Margarita, spotlighting ingredients charred right on the grill.

Green Goddess Guacamole & Dry Martini

Creamy + crisp

The herby profile of this garden-fresh Green Goddess Guacamole is best complemented by the simplicity of a supremely stirred Dry Martini. Olive another, please!

Ceviche Guacamole & Red Sangria

Sour + sweet

Ceviche centers on seafood combined with lime juice, making for more acidic dishes. For a balanced pairing, try enjoying this Ceviche Guacamole with sips of sweet Red Sangria.

Sushi Guacamole & Fat Qcumber

Fiery + fresh

Once you’ve o-fish-ally mastered this Sushi Guacamole recipe, tame the spicy wasabi fire in your mouth with a refreshing Fat Qcumber cocktail.

Bacon Cotija Guacamole & Mexican Bulldog

Savory + sour

A party-pleaser like this Bacon Cotija Guacamole needs to be washed down with an equally epic drink. Try a Mexican Bulldog, which is essentially a Mexican beer dunked into a margarita.

Summer Brûléed Melon Guacamole & Moscow Mule

Sweet + zingy

Ever thought to brûlée your guac? Pairing this airy, sweet Summer Brûléed Melon Guacamole with a spicy ginger Moscow Mule is a refreshing treat.

Sweet Potato Guac & Old Fashioned

Hearty + oaky

This is roasted to perfection with garlic and sage oil and begging to be paired with an Old Fashioned — a cocktail bold enough to match its hearty flavor.

With these cocktail and guacamole pairings at hand, you’re set to enjoy a dip and sip with equally good company. Find guacamole recipes perfect for any occasion here.

By Avocados From Mexico January 15, 2019

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