Best Vegan Guacamole Recipes

Vegans, part-time vegans, plant lovers, avocado enthusiasts, and everything in between — you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite 100% plant-based, vegan guacamoles. The following recipes are easy to make at home and begging for a spot on your dairy-free, meatless table.

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Savory Vegan Guacamoles

Ripe avocados are deliciously meaty — but rest assured, these guacs are herbivore-friendly.

  • Vegan Guacamole

    This guac will have guests raving. It’s supercharged with plant-based ingredients: tender, sautéed tofu; crunchy cucumbers; and fresh tomatoes. Serve with whole-grain crackers.

  • Hatch Chile Guacamole

    Hatch chiles are mild enough for just about anybody’s heat tolerance… yet they make for a spicy conversation topic when blended into creamy guacamole!

  • Hearty and Spicy Guacamole

    This nutty guacamole is made with pine nuts and quinoa — which is technically a seed but is classified as a whole grain. It boasts a blend of rustic flavors, from garlic to turmeric and cayenne pepper.

  • Latin Sizzle Guacamole

    Is your heart in Havana? This guacamole delivers a host of favorite Latin flavors, with pan-fried plantains, black beans, and Cuban seasoning.

  • Indian Guacamole

    Naan other than the best vegan guacamole for you! This Indian-spiced guacamole is blended with aromatic curry powder, hearty chickpeas, and sesame seeds. Scoop with toasted naan bread.

  • Roasted Shroom Guacamole

    Bring the umami, woodsy flavor of portobello mushrooms to your next batch of guac. Serve on seed crackers for a crunchy bite.

Spicy Guacamole Recipes

Can you handle the heat? Go bold with a vegan guacamole that’ll make you break a sweat.

  • Three Pepper & Cayenne Spicy Guacamole

    Two spicy peppers and cayenne just weren’t enough. Meet the three musketeers of this spicy guac: jalapeño, serrano, and Fresno chile peppers. Yow!

  • The Heat Is On Guacamole

    This guacamole has quite the range: creamy, mashed avocado; tangy apple cider vinegar; blood orange; and fiery habanero chile that keeps you on your toes.

Sweet Vegan Guacamole Recipes

The vegan lifestyle is pretty sweet when you have fruity guac.

  • Pineapple Guacamole

    Creamy avocados and tart pineapple chunks are a match made in — well, guacamole! This recipe over-delivers on zing and gives a little delightful sting (thanks to the jalapeños).

  • Pomegranate Guacamole

    Your guests will gush about this surprisingly simple recipe. Pomegranate arils (those are the seeds) are small, yet they pack a tart punch. This recipe plates beautifully, thanks to the contrasting green and red colors.

  • Chipotle Apple & Almond Guacamole

    The guacamole doesn’t fall far from the apple tree with this recipe. Take your pick of sweet apples (honey crisp, fuji, gala, etc.) for this dessert-like treat.

  • Strawberry Pico Guacamole

    If you love classic guac but want to reach out a little, this recipe is the pick of the patch. It’s got all the tried-and-true flavors of traditional guacamole, with the addition of ripe strawberries.

  • Guava Coconut Guacamole

    Warning: You might find it difficult to not eat this guacamole with a spoon. Indulge your sweet tooth without the guilt. This recipe whirls together ripe avocado, coconut cream, and guava pulp.

Whether you’re looking for a snack or you’re feeding a crowd, guacamole is delicious just the way you make it: salty, sweet, vegan … in a word, perfect. Discover more guacamole dips and recipes here.

By Avocados From Mexico May 27, 2021

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