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A Petrifying Presentation — Three Ways to Showcase Your Halloween Guacamole

Halloween Guacamole Recipes

For party planners, tying your party-day dishes to the event’s chosen theme may be the most challenging decorative decision you make. But dressing up your Halloween guacamole need not prove any more difficult than choosing your own costume.

Try these three Halloween guacamole presentation tips to wow your costumed company and connect your culinary creations to the night’s frightful festivities.

3 Halloween Guacamole Recipes and Presentations

Witch-Hat Guac

Mix purple food coloring into this guacamole until it is a dark violet. Spread your guacamole on a sheet pan or large tray and use a spatula to shape it into the shape of a witch’s hat. Then, fan tortilla chips or sliced veggie sticks around the dish so guests can easily dip into your tastefully haunted headpiece.


Remove the insides from a small pumpkin and care your favorite, scary face on its front. Cut the hole at the top of the pumpkin large enough to slip a bowl of Fiesta Guacamole inside and serve. You can hollow out another pumpkin and fill with chips for a dynamic duo of pumpkin presentation.

Spider-Web Guacamole

Mix 1/2 c. heavy whipping cream, 1/2 c. sour cream, and salt to taste to create a Mexican crema that will top any simple guacamole recipe. Place your crema in a resealable bag and cut one corner to create a DIY pastry bag. Use the bag to decorate your guac with the crema — forming a spiderweb shape — then top with jalapeños for a creepy, crawly garnish.

Best Dressed

Whether you place your favorite recipe inside a cleverly carved pumpkin or weave a web with your chosen guacamole toppings, these presentation tips are sure to impress your Halloween guests. You may even inspire next year’s Halloween host to carefully costume their guacamole dishes!

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By Avocados From Mexico November 20, 2019

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