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5 Homemade Movie Snacks With an Avocado Twist

5 Homemade Movie Snacks With an Avocado Twist
January 15, 2019


When you’re planning a movie night, choosing the perfect movie snack is as crucial as the film selection itself. And with taste like yours, who says you should stop at what’s offered at the concession stand?

For your next streaming session, try pairing avocado-inspired snacks with your favorite film genre. This superfood is nutrient-dense, and its uses are as diverse as the movie selections in your queue — so get cooking.


For the Rom-Com Connoisseur

Add Mexican sushi to the menu for your next girls’ night in — this fresh take on the classic pinwheel is as pleasantly quirky as your favorite Rom-Com character. Fresh pico de gallo, reduced-fat cream cheese, and avocado equal a delicious combination.

To accompany your sushi, try a batch of this garlic and jalapeño guacamole. You’re not expecting an earth-rattling, end-of-the-movie kiss anyway, so go ahead and add that extra hit of garlic.


For the Streaming Aficionado

A classic movie binge is best served with this avocado hummus by your side. It’s the perfect compromise for the at-home moviegoer: The recipe yields enough to feed a small group, or a party of one — and it won’t judge you no matter how many hours you log on the couch or double-dips you take.


For the Holiday Guru

Listen, sometimes a holiday film can cure the ills of a very bad, no-good week, no matter the temperature or time of the year. It can be the best, and cheapest, form of brief escapism.

Stream your favorite Halloween-themed film while enjoying these Halloween taco-stuffed pepper-pumpkins. Or, settle in for a Christmas in July viewing of any winter-themed adventures while cooling off with these coconut avocado popsicles. Just like avocados, a nostalgic film is always in season.

The best part? You don’t have to smuggle these movie snacks into a theater via an oversize tote. (Not that you’ve ever done that or anything.) So go on — add this year-round superfood into rotation for the perfect cinematic snack.



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September 23, 2016

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