4 Guacamole Textures for Every Taste


People come from all guacs of life. Some prefer to mash or smash their guacamole, while purists insist chunky is the way to go. But worry not — there’s no wrong way to get your guac on.

Read on for four key guacamole textures and a quick guide to crafting each.

Diced Guacamole

Chunk level: 10/10

Method used for: Super chunky guacamole, ceviche, salad toppings

Step 1: Cut the avocado in half. Slice the avocado lengthwise until the knife hits the pit. Then rotate the avocado to cut all the way around it. Twist the halves apart.

Step 2: Remove the pit. Slide a spoon under the pit. Gently rock it back and forth until the pit releases.

Step 3: Score the avocado halves. Crosshatch the avocado halves with a knife. Scoop out the pieces with a shallow spoon. Eat a few bites when no one is looking.

Smashed Guacamole

Chunk level: 3/10

Method used for: Avocado toast, burger and sandwich spreads, guacamole

Start by following the instructions for diced guacamole above. Scoop the avocado into a bowl. Then, you have a couple of options to meet your desired guacamole texture:

Smashing Idea No. 1: Fork

Alternate between mashing and stirring with a fork until you have a tasty paste. 

Smashing Idea No. 2: Potato Masher

Repeatedly smoosh until your avocado is dreamy and creamy.

Smashing Idea No. 3: Molcajete (Mortar and Pestle)

A mortar can mean various types of strong, deep bowls used for crushing ingredients, but a traditional Mexican mortar is made out of basalt, native to Mexico. Foodies claim the rock itself gives guacamole its authentic flavor. For this method, place your ingredients in the mortar and use your pestle to crush away. It’s recommended to start by crushing the hardest ingredients first, gradually adding in softer ingredients (like your precious avos).

Avoca-pro tip:

If your avocados aren’t quite ripe and won’t smash easily, spritz them with lime juice and let sit for 30 minutes before mashing.

Pureed Guacamole

Chunk Level: 1/10

Method used for: Super creamy guacamole, smoothies, dressings, frozen treats

Follow the instructions for diced avocados above. From there, place the diced avocado into a food processor or blender, along with seasonings and/or lime juice.

Press start and watch a green tornado of deliciousness whip to life.

Guac on the Rocks

Chunk level: 7/10

Method used for: Giving creamy guacamole a little hidden texture.

Make a base of either pureed or smashed guacamole using the instructions above. Then, make diced guacamole, also using the instructions above. Stir lightly to combine guacamole texture. This one offers an unexpectedly hearty bite of rich avocado goodness amid softer-textured guac.

Use any of these methods to mix to your heart’s content — there’s no wrong way to go when it comes to making this delicious dip. Happy snacking!

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By Avocados From Mexico January 15, 2019

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