Guacamoles by Region

Guacamole is the perfect dish for experimenting, tweaking the original recipe or just using it as inspiration to come up with something totally different. The next time that guac craving hits, why not try something new?

You can add in just about anything to get that right combination of smooth and spicy, or creamy and chunky. And considering it’s easy to keep your guacamole green like the pros simply by putting a thin layer of milk over the top and putting the bowl in the fridge, you can experiment with making lots of types of guac to your heart’s content.

Real avocado lovers know that there are dozens of different ways to whip up a guac. You are truly only limited by your imagination, but before you start those guac experiments you’re already cooking up, take some time to learn the basics as they vary from one delicious place to the next.

Everyone who enjoys avocados should know how to make a simple guacamole. It doesn’t take much! In the guacamole from central Mexico, avocados and lime make the base, and garlic, onion, chiles, and herbs add flavor.

Oaxacan guac is prepared much thinner than you might be used to and is served as a condiment. To make it, put all your standard ingredients into the blender until smooth. Add more lime juice or a bit of water until you reach the desired consistency. If you want to use it as dip, you can leave it a bit thick, but this stuff really shines when poured over some classic al pastor tacos or a simple bean and cheese tlayuda.

In the neighboring state of Veracruz, guacamole takes on a surprising spicy twist with the addition of radishes! All the usual ingredients are there: two mashed avocados, the juice of one lime, half a jalapeño, a quarter of a white onion, a generous handful of cilantro, and a pinch of salt. Dice four medium radishes, mix it all together, and enjoy. Need to up your avo-slicing and dicing game? Check out this video for pro-tips.

And of course the list wouldn’t be complete without the Tex-Mex classic. But what really makes a Tex-Mex guac? Beans, corn, and cheese of course. Add black beans, cooked kernels of corn, and crumbled queso fresco to any standard guac recipe to Tex-Mex it up in no time. If you want to leave out the cilantro and chiles, spice things up a bit by sprinkling in a spoonful of taco seasoning.

Feeling even more experimental? You can add bacon, or nutspomegranate, or mango. You can even make it purple. If you’re making your guac ahead of time, let this video show you how to keep it perfectly green until it’s time to eat!

To make sure your avocados are optimal for making guacamole, you’ll definitely want to check out Avocados from Mexico’s helpful “how-to” avo tips page where you’ll find several helpful videos, everything from how to ripen avocados quicker by burying them in rice for a couple of days to how best to preserve half of an avocado that you’d like to eat later by rubbing it with lemon juice, covering it with plastic wrap, and putting it in the fridge.

By Avocados From Mexico July 22, 2017

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