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A Toast to Avocado Toast: Our Favorite Recipes

Avocado toast has become a favorite breakfast food in many parts of the world. Why? It’s easy to make, it’s tasty, and it’s totally versatile. You can customize it any way you want: use a toasted bagel instead of regular bread, add tomatoes or chopped fruit, drizzle with olive oil, or garnish it with herbs. And, of course, you can always top it with an egg!

Avocado Toast for Starters

Start with a slice of hearty artisan bread, plain or wholegrain. Toast it to your liking and lay it on a plate. Now, get your avocado. This video will show you how to choose the perfect Avocado from Mexico, nice and ripe. Cut it in half, scoop out the creamy flesh with a spoon and sprinkle with lemon juice to prevent oxidization. You don’t want brown bits on your avocado toast! What if you use only one half of an avocado and want to save the rest? This video will show you how to do it – no muss, no fuss.

Sweet Creations

Now, this is where the possibilities are endless. Do you prefer a sweet treat? Mash the avocado and mix it with 1 T. honey. Add 1 T. chopped pistachios or any other unsalted nuts and spread on your toast. Or indulge yourself with this decadent chocolate avocado chunky monkey toast.

Savory Handhelds

If savory food is more to your liking, scramble a couple of eggs, spread on a piece of toast and top with avocado slices. Or mix mashed avocado with chopped cherry tomatoes and crown with a poached egg. If you’re short on time in the morning, spread aioli mayo on a piece of toast, then place a slice of ham on top, along with a few slices of avocado. Add extra protein and fiber to your day with this cannellini bean and avocado toast. Sprinkle raspberries and crumbled blue cheese on your toast for a sweet and salty contrast.

If you like entertaining friends for Sunday brunch, dazzle them with this smoked salmon avocado toast. A pomegranate, mint, goat cheese and pistachio avocado toast looks elegant and tastes great, too. Good company and good food make life better.

Start your day right with this portable and nutritional powerhouse!

By Avocados From Mexico October 04, 2018

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