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3 Books to Read Right Now

We have a hard time resisting books with pretty pictures, a compelling story, or easy, delicious recipes. If you do too, these three books — all published recently — are must-adds to your bookshelf.

1. Martha Stewart’s Vegetables

Regardless of what one thinks about Martha Stewart, it’s impossible to disagree with the claim that Martha knows her way around a garden and a kitchen. In her latest cookbook, published in September, she devotes her attention to vegetables, demystifying both common and obscure veggies for the home cook, and offering recipes that will make you the envy of any dinner party.

Stewart goes beyond ordinary recipes to explore the world of lesser-known or less-loved vegetables. There are jicama and squash blossoms — popular in Mexico but not as well-known in the U.S. — included in her roster, as well as creative approaches to using veggies cooks frequently relegate to dull interpretations. Take, for example, the humble parsnip. Usually reserved for roasts or soups, Stewart introduces it as a central ingredient in — wait for it — cupcakes!

Our favorite fruit, avocado, enjoys pride of place in Stewart’s cookbook, with recipes ranging from avocado and sprout club sandwiches to salmon and avocado tartine.

After indulging in this book, you’ll soon be planning your next dinner or brunch party!

2. The 24-Hour Wine Expert

You love wine but — if you’re honest — you really don’t know much about it. You know which bottles you like (and which ones you can afford), but when your friends start talking about “mouth feel” and the like at dinner parties, you just pretend you know what they’re talking about.

Sound familiar? If so, you need Jancis Robinson’s The 24-Hour Wine Expert, a book that intends to give you a crash course in wine essentials in just 100 pages. Free of the bluster of so many experts, Robinson offers fun, accessible suggestions for learning more about wine. Her tips aren’t only about wine itself, but also about stemware, how to develop relationships with wine sellers, and information about lesser-known wines, which will make you the talk of the town if you serve them at your next event.

3. The Short Stack Cookbook: Ingredients That Speak Volumes

We’re big fans of the Short Stack cookbooks, which were initially funded by a Kickstarter campaign. Whether it’s maple, honey, chickpeas, chocolate, or grits, each hand-stitched, beautifully illustrated book focuses on a single ingredient.

In their newest book, The Short Stack Cookbook, they’ve organized chapters around their favorite ingredients, and avocados from Mexico aren’t left out of the spotlight. While it doesn’t have a chapter all its own, it features in multiple recipes, all of which will inevitably delight the palate any time of year.

AVO TIP: How do you know when you’ve found the perfect avocado from Mexico at store? Learn from a pro in this quick video!

By Avocados From Mexico October 12, 2016

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