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How to Make Guacamole for a Crowd

How to Make Guacamole for a Crowd
January 2, 2018

If you’re hosting a watch party for the big game, a birthday celebration, or simply a gathering of friends at your home, you want to be the host with the most — most guacamole, that is.


We don’t doubt that your friends love dipping into always good guacamole. But have you ever made your world-famous guacamole for a crowd? Nothing kills a party faster than a dry guac bowl, so it’s important to make sure there’s enough to go around. These tips and tricks will help you make enough guacamole for everyone (even pesky party crashers) to enjoy, all while keeping things fresh.



How Many Avocados Do I Need?

It depends on your guacamole recipe, but a good rule to follow is roughly half an avocado per person. Count your guests and divide by two to yield the number of avocados you’ll need. It’s not rocket science, it’s guac-it science.

Picking Avocados in Time for the Party

A party-size bowl of guacamole calls for the right avocados — ripe avocados. A good rule of thumb is that the darker the avocado, the riper it is. You can also give an avocado a light squeeze, and if it gives a little, it’s ready to party.


To make enough guacamole for a crowd, you may want to consider getting your avocados a couple days in advance. Here’s a cheat sheet for perfect timing:

  • If the party is today or tomorrow, buy avocados that are dark green with bumpy skin and are slightly soft when you squeeze them.
  • If the party is in two or three days, buy avocados that are green and firm. Let them sit on the counter until the day of the party — they’ll ripen just in time!
  • If the party is in four or five days, buy avocados that are green and firm, but store them in the refrigerator. Take them out and let them ripen on the counter two or three days ahead of the big day.


See what we mean in this video:


How to Make Guacamole for a Crowd

Basic guacamole is mashed Avocados From Mexico, lime juice, and salt. Traditional ingredients include chopped tomatoes, onion, jalapeños, and cilantro — you can’t go wrong with that. But since everyone has different tastes, making guacamole for a big crowd means you’ll need to make something for everyone. Good thing guacamole is the most customizable snack food in the world.


When you’re preparing guacamole for a crowd, here are some things to consider:

  1. Spice: Some like it hot, others do not. If you have fire-eaters coming over, consider making a bowl of spicy guacamole just for them. Here’s our pepper-picking guide.
  2. Texture: Are you a chunky guac person? Or do you keep things smoooooth? Consult our guacamole texture guide to get that perfect consistency.
  3. Allergies/Diets: Do any of your guests have allergies or diets to consider? Don’t give up on the guacamole. It’s easy to make gluten-free guacamole, and there are plenty of vegan guacamole recipes, too.
  4. Crazy Ingredients: You might be a fan of banana chipotle jelly guacamole, but unless you run with a really niche crowd, not everyone will appreciate such a … umm, unique appetizer. We say follow your heart, but maybe serve up something more traditional, too.


A fun solution to make sure everyone at your shindig has the perfect guacamole: Set up a DIY guacamole bar. Guests can mash their own custom dip and make things as simple, spicy, or wacky as they want. Win-win-win-etc.


The ♥️ of the Party

Know what’s a good party trick? Showing off how much you know about avocado nutrition. Let your guests know that avocados are essentially the only fruit with good fats, which offer benefits in the body without raising LDL (bad) cholesterol levels. That means fresh avocados are a heart-healthy fruit, and are cholesterol-, sugar-, and sodium-free.

In other words, you should invite them to more parties.


Leftover Guacamole = An Awesome After-Party

When the party’s a-rockin’, folks are a-guacin’. But when the fun ends and your guests head home, you might have some leftover guacamole. Lucky you!


The good news about leftover guac: You can store it for later! When avocado flesh is exposed to oxygen, it oxidizes and turns brown. Just squirt lime juice over the surface and cover with plastic cling film. Make sure that the cling film is pressed firmly against the surface with no air pockets. Store it in the refrigerator and your guac will remain bright green, fresh, and delicious for a couple days. The party lives on!


Party Tips Beyond the Dips

Guacamole is enough to create good times on its own, but pro hosts know that with awesome parties comes awesome responsibility. Discover our top party-planning tips here.


Get more avocado inspiration on our recipes page.



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