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5 Unconventional Guacamole Recipes

If your host has five people covering party dips, how can you make sure yours steals the spotlight? Avocados pair well with tons of nontraditional ingredients, from bacon and garlic to wasabi and tuna, which makes them a perfect base ingredient for creative concoctions.

Add culinary cool-factor to any party spread with these five unconventional guacamole recipes.

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 5 Unconventional Guacamoles to Try at Your Next Party 

For the Non-Chef Trying to Impress

Creamiest-Ever Easy Guacamole Dip

Creamy mayo makes this dip a great addition to dishes like baja fish & guac tacos, so leftovers need never go to waste.

For the Rebellious Traditionalist

Elotes Guacamole

This recipe combines two Mexican favorites. Fire up the grill and fuse Cotija cheese, Mexican crema, and ground chipotle chile.

For the Summer-Cookout Enthusiast

I Want to Know What Guac Is

Hickory-smoked bacon and green onion lend a smoky flavor reminiscent of a summer cookout, while jalapeño and cilantro round out this mix with spicy and savory flavors.

For the Lover of All Things Green

Spicy Green Goddess Guacamole

Divinely green, this variation includes scallions, limes, parsley, and jalapeño. A spicy green sauce pulls this concoction together with an extra hit of heat. This guac can also double as a salad dressing.

For the food Fusionist

Sushi Guacamole

Fresh tuna sits atop a blend of avocado, eel sauce, wasabi paste, and ground chipotle. This dip also works well as a delicious spread for lettuce wraps.

No matter what kind of chef you choose to be, these unconventional guacamole recipes are sure to mix up your party menu for the better. Now, go forth and guac!

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By Avocados From Mexico May 23, 2019

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