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5 Surprisingly Delicious Guac Mixes

Ah, guacamole. It is quite possibly the most perfect party food ever invented (Thank you, 14th-16th century Aztecs of Mexico!). What could be better than a no-cook dip that goes together quickly? That blend of mashed avocados mixed with fresh ingredients like onion, tomatoes, cilantro, and hot peppers makes a buttery, creamy, spicy dish that everyone from kids to adults loves to gobble down with tortilla chips or veggies.

But just because this crazy delicious dip hails from Mexico doesn’t mean it has to stay there. The name guacamole comes from the Aztec word “ahuacamolli,” which literally translates to “avocado sauce.” That means that all you need to create a new favorite type of guacamole is an avocado — the rest is up to you!

In the United States and all around the world, people have created their own versions of guacamole using local ingredients and flavors. Check out these five surprisingly delicious guacamole variations for your next party, or use them as inspiration for inventing your own recipe!

1. Pea Guac

You can’t talk about guacamole variations without at least mentioning Peagate. In July 2015, the twitter account of The New York Times posted an old pea guacamole recipe, and the Internet exploded with cries of inauthenticity.

The truth is, if seasonal produce inspires you, DO IT. Check out this version from thechocolatefig on Food52. This guacamole celebrates the best of spring produce by pairing the sweetness of green peas with creamy, sweet avocado, seasoned with a dose of ginger, garlic, and lime to give it almost an Asian flavor. Try it and decide for yourself if pea guacamole is really sacrilege.

2. Caribbean-inspired Guac

In the Caribbean, locals like to mix a variety of fruit in with their avocado for a sweet, refreshing take on the dip. This recipe from The Latin Kitchen takes it a step further, adding onions and fruits like mango, peach, apple, and pomegranate seeds with a little bit of habanero salsa. This slightly spicy, sweet, and savory combination would be the hit of any party, and you could even leave out the habanero for a more kid-friendly version.

3. Big Easy Guac

Take your guacamole on a trip down to the Big Easy by trying this jambalaya-inspired guacamole. Juicy shrimp, a flavor bomb of andouille sausage, and a little hot sauce is all you need to get a taste of Louisiana at home, and it pairs perfectly with creamy, sweet avocado.

4 & 5. Guac with Asian Influences

If you want your guacamole to take on some more international flavors, check out this article on Epicurious. There are several takes on the dish, with a few standout versions from different Asian countries. All of them start with lemon or lime juice, salt, onion, and chopped jalapeño. But then guac goes to Japan by adding some chopped edamame, wasabi, and sesame oil. Then it hops on over to Thailand by pairing coconut milk, ginger, and fresh cilantro with the spicy, savory base seasonings.

So where would you like your next guacamole to visit? France, where they add shallots and tarragon and slather it on a baguette? How about India, with a little garam masala, ginger, and crunchy fried chickpeas, scooped up with some naan bread? Get hungry and then get creative!

By Avocados From Mexico September 26, 2016

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