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Top Secret: 5 Guacamole Life Hacks

These guacamole life hacks aren’t secret anymore, and that’s no problem — mixing up a bowl of your favorite guacamole has never been easier. No need to thank us.

Whether you’re in a pinch for ingredients or you’re perfecting your guacamole game, we’re sharing tricks to help you streamline the guac-making process and give you more time to enjoy your handiwork.

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Top 5 Guacamole Life Hacks

  1. Instant Guac

    Who says you have to do all the prep work yourself? Save on time by mixing in some pre-made pico de gallo from the supermarket. Made with diced tomato and onion and marinated in lime juice, pico de gallo is already equipped with many classic guacamole ingredients. Add some spices and you’ve got instant guac!

  2. Avo First, Veggies Last

    Mash your avocado to your desired consistency before adding your diced ingredients. Once added, lightly stir them in. This will help those cubes of red onion or jalapeño keep their juices inside, giving you a burst of fresh flavor in each bite.

  3. Secure the Bowl

    When two hands aren’t enough, place a damp washcloth under your mixing bowl to keep it in place. Now you can stir with one hand and add ingredients with the other.

    This guacamole life hack is a two-for-one: When the mixing is over, you can use the washcloth to wipe up the area around your mixing bowl and leave the counter spotless.

  4. Optimal Lime Juice.

    Even just a squirt of lime juice adds a zing to your guac. The ascorbic acid in the lime juice also slows the natural browning of your guacamole. You can get the most out of your limes by placing them in the microwave for up to 10 seconds and then rolling them firmly on the counter several times before squeezing.

  5. Spreading Guac Made Easy

    When you use guacamole as a taco topping or a toast spread, this tip will make sure no guac goes to waste: Spoon your guac mixture into a large resealable plastic bag. Press out all the air you can and then seal the bag. Use scissors to cut off one corner of the bag. Now you’re ready to squeeze perfect helpings of guac onto your main dish—be it tacos, sandwiches, or chicken. Mess-free distribution!

Ready to try out these new guacamole life hacks? Check out our guacamole recipes for delicious new ideas.

By Avocados From Mexico June 12, 2020

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