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Get certified in all things avocado with custom-designed foodservice educational seminars for professionals like you.

Boost your bottom line with industry-leading avocado knowledge and skills. Avocado
University offers three convenient course formats for certification in all things avocado.
Whether you choose instruction onsite or online, you’ll gain the opportunity to
master everything from bloom cycles and nutrition to expert storage, handling
and preparation techniques certain to entice your avocado-loving patrons.

Courses are tailored to the specific needs of Foodservice Professionals, Chefs,
Dietitians, Marketing Specialists and Procurement Specialists.

Explore available programs & register below.

Avocado University: Live On-Site Course

For our most intensive programming, we invite you to attend a private class at the Avocados From Mexico Culinary Center. Here, our expert instructors lead groups of all sizes through custom curriculums and hands-on training, including cooking techniques, recipe innovation, and fun cooking challenges suited to their foodservice operations. Topics covered include:

  • Hands-on BOH Techniques
  • Menu Ideation and Challenges
  • Avocado Supply and Demand
  • Custom AFM Research
  • Procurement
  • Hispanic Market Insights
  • Guac-Off Competition and Trophy

Avocado University: Live Virtual Course

Take advantage of in-depth live trainings from beyond our Culinary Center with flexible, virtual sessions on your schedule — perfect for widespread teams and operations. You’ll gain the same custom advantages and expert instruction as our on-site courses, the same opportunity to answer important questions, and an interactive Guac Kit for all course participants. The course features:

  • Live classes with professional instructors.
  • Flexible times to fit your schedule.
  • Convenient attendance via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.
  • Educational Guac Kits for each participant.
  • Real-time chat for discussion and Q&As.

Avocado University: Self-Guided Online Modules

For certification at your own pace, we offer a standard foodservice educational seminar with step-by-step modules and interactive quizzes. Dive into prepared topics such as avocado harvests, sizes, stages of ripeness, and important handling, storage, and preparation skills. A perfect option for individuals from across large-scale operations to earn a self-directed qualification designed to boost bottom lines. You’ll have access to:

  • Coursework from anywhere, anytime.
  • Shareable certificate upon completion.
  • Interactive quizzes.

500+ Students

6 Classes

25+ Companies enrolled


Our video library of tips and tricks is always available to help you brush up on
basic avocado handling and preparation skills.


There's a perfect use for every avocado, no matter how firm or ripe. Watch and learn how to transform each stage into something delicious!


No knives? No problem. We'll show you how easy it is to slice, pit and scoop with our avocado tool.


You CAN prep avocado slices in advance and hold them for service. Watch and learn our best practices for keeping your slices looking great and ready to use!


These free resources are yours to download and keep handy
for an easy refresher on essential avocado smarts.

Avocado Size Chart

Avocado Tool

Holding Bulk Guac

Stages Of Ripeness


When are you scheduling classes?

We’re always enrolling for private, custom classes hosted at our Culinary Center in Dallas, Texas. Take advantage of a curriculum and schedule entirely built around you.

Do I have to come to Dallas?

We encourage on-site training in our Culinary Center so you can take full advantage of the cooking equipment, interactive portions, and in-person instruction, but we can also conduct Avocado University at your location, as a customized, live virtual session, or independently via our self-directed online modules.

What is the difference between the live virtual course and the self-guided online modules?

The self-guided online modules offer the greatest flexibility to learn a standardized selection of avocado knowledge at your own pace. This is a convenient option for individuals or larger enterprises and operations looking to institute avocado certification across widespread teams with personalized certificates as proof of completion. However, only the on-site and virtual course offerings can be strongly customized to provide an avo-driven boost most relevant to you.

Contact to learn more about customized programming and to reserve your spot.

Who should take the class?

Our foodservice educational seminars are intended for professionals only. The modules are designed for Foodservice Professionals, Chefs, Dietitians, Marketing Specialists, and Procurement Specialists.

How much does it cost?

For our partners, we offer Avocado University at no cost, and you may be eligible for some travel cost assistance. If you are using our space, we have a very reasonable rate card we can share. Please work with your Avocados From Mexico contact.


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