How to Freeze Guacamole? A Guide to Making Guac Last

How to Freeze Guacamole

  1. Create a guacamole base
    The simpler the recipe, the better it will taste after freezing and thawing.
    Many guacamole add-in ingredients – such as tomatoes, onions, cilantro, or fresh fruits – will not maintain their texture when they are frozen and thawed. When preparing guacamole for future events, freeze a simple guacamole base and add these ingredients in after thawing. You may wish to explore other storage options for guacamole leftovers already full of fresh fruits and veggies.
  2. Freeze the guacamole base
    Place your guacamole base in the freezer. As mentioned, we recommend freezing the guacamole base separately from other add-in ingredients for best results.

Common questions about freezing Guacamole:

Will the guacamole taste the same when it thaws out? How long can you freeze it for? Can all types of guacamole be frozen? How do you thaw it?

Read on for answers to each of these questions in thisshort guide to freezing and thawing guacamole.

How long does frozen guacamole keep?

Frozen guacamole will keep for up to three months. This means you can freeze guacamole well in advance of an upcoming event or preserve party leftovers well after guests have departed.

Pro Tip: You can portion guacamole for freezing as needed. Scoop guacamole into ice trays or smaller plastic containers for preportioned, ready-to-make snacks and appetizers.

How to Thaw Guacamole

Depending on the time you have available, there are two ways to thaw frozen guacamole.

  • Place it in the fridge.
    If you have a plentiful meal or party-preparation period, you can transfer frozen guacamole into the fridge to thaw over a few hours.
  • Set it on the counter.
    When you need to quickly get up and guac, set your guacamole in a bowl of cold water on the counter. Submerging the dish will help speed up the thawing process.

Whether the thought came to you while preparing for a future festivity or while cramming leftover party snacks into an overstuffed fridge, you may have wondered, “Can you freeze guacamole?”

Can you freeze guacamole?

Guacamole can absolutely be frozen, saved, and thawed – and it will still taste the same when served. But there are a few procedural pieces to bear in mind when storing guacamole leftovers or prepared guacamole appetizers in the freezer. The simple answer is yes, but this is just the tip of the green iceberg. As mentioned, you can freeze guacamole, but to ensure fresh guacamole for serving we recommend making a base without any of the add-in ingredients for freezing. The extra ingredients can be added later when ready to serve.

No matter which thawing method you choose, use the time while the mixture is melting to prepare any fresh ingredients you wish to add to your guacamole mixture.

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Guacamole on Ice

Whether you are cooking in advance of an event or picking up the post-party pieces, freezing guacamole provides an easy storage option to help make guac last and reduce food waste.

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By Avocados From Mexico September 10, 2019

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