Get Your Guac on!: Tips for Celebrating Guacamole Any Day of the Year

National Guacamole Day — September 16— has come and gone. Did you miss it? Don’t worry! Any day is a great day to celebrate avocados. Try out one of these ideas for having fun with guac year-round.

1. Throw down with a Neighborhood Guac off!

Battle the block to see who can whip up the very best guacamole dish, or try to wiggle your way into a coveted judging position (Being the one planning the party helps.). Stick with a guacamole or spice things up with something like this Guacamole Masala recipe. Impress everyone with this trick for using the avocado pit to keep guac looking fresh when the competition starts heating up.

2. Host a Smash and Splash Guac-Making Party.

Blend up some cocktails or aguas de frutas, bring the kids, and plan a guac-making pool party. Try a few tricks to mix things up in the guac department by adding new or unique ingredients. Set aside a bit of the plain stuff for the kids to dish out on top of these crunchy beef tacos.

3. Go Adults-Only with a Guac and Mezcal Tasting.

One of the best ways to taste a lot of different guacs without all the pressure of a high-stakes contest, is to pair a few varieties with your favorite drink. Try this mezcal guacamole while sipping a shot from your best bottle, or match everyone’s favorite guac dish to their beer of choice. Try mixing up a collection of chelas or even seeking out some of Mexico’s latest vintages from Baja California’s Valle Guadalupe, Mexico’s wine country.

Whatever you do, with all that booze flowing, make sure you get some substantial guac on the table, like this guac with chorizo, or this bacon chipotle recipe.

4. Organize a Guac and Garden Party.

This is the season when many gardeners start thinking about next year. Plants are fruiting and will soon go to seed. If you are lucky enough to have a garden space, think about getting together to whip up some guac and swap some of nature’s bounty with your besties.

If you and your friends have limited space, or limited time (and don’t we all?!), make everyone responsible for just one ingredient. Plant your avocado pits and see if you can get a tree started. If not, focus on the ingredients you can grow in a window box – tomatoes, cilantro, jalapeños, small onions, or chives. Since avocados are fresh from Mexico all year round, if you take care of these few ingredients, you’ll be able to make fresh veggie-filled guac even in the cold of winter.

5. Relax and Unwind with a Guac and Spa Day.

Avocados aren’t just great in guac for your chips and salsa; they also make a fantastic skin-soothing base for homemade beauty products. Invite over your best girlfriends, and your open-minded guy friends, to slather on an avocado facial, a moisturizing and exfoliating hand cream, or a deep-conditioning hair mask while chowing down on recipes like this rustic guac with corn.

Who knew there were so many ways to gather around the goodness of guacamole? And when all the festivities are over, you can start planning early for next year’s big guac day!

By Avocados From Mexico October 20, 2016

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