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Celebrate National Guacamole Day Like a Guacstar

Celebrate National Guacamole Day Like a Guacstar
August 29, 2018

Guacamole is worth celebrating all 365 days of the year — but Sept. 16 is National Guacamole Day, a special commemoration (see: excuse) for guac lovers around the world to break out their mortar and pestles for good times with family and friends around great, big gobs of guacamole.


This National Guacamole Day, impress your crew with your deep knowledge of all things guac, recipes, and guacamole-making games to get the party started.


Where Does the Word ‘Guacamole’ Come From?

In the beginning, there was guacamole. OK, not really, but almost! The word guacamole goes back as far as the word for avocado, and the recipe is almost as old. Guacamole was invented in the 14th century by the Aztecs, who named ahuacamolli from a mashup of the words ahuacatl (avocado) and mulli (sauce). Spanish conquistadors found this word difficult to say and landed on the similar sounding “guacamole” instead.


Guacamole, or “avocado sauce,” can vary in consistency from very thick and chunky to a thin green salsa. If you like your guac extra thick, try this Classic Mexican Guacamole recipe. For a thinner guacamole that you can pour, add a bit of water and blend it up.


Guac Trivia: Fact vs. Fiction

“Most people have no hesitation eating the last bite of guacamole.”

TRUE! The majority of party guests say they have no problem eating the last bite of guacamole. It’s just that good. Irresistible.


“Plop an avocado pit into your guac to keep it from turning brown.”

FALSE! The way to keep guacamole from turning brown is to minimize its exposure to air. Fill a bowl all the way up to the top with guacamole, spritz with olive oil spray or lemon or lime juice, and press cling wrap over the top before storing it in the fridge. For short-term storage before the party starts, a spritz of lime juice will do the trick.


“I shouldn’t eat guacamole because it contains fat!”

FALSE! The fresh avocados in guacamole are a source of good fat. What makes the fat good? Eating dietary fat helps the body absorb vitamins A, D, K, and E. The majority of fat in avocados is naturally good fat, with 5 grams of monounsaturated fat per serving — or about one-third of a medium avocado. For good health, replace sources of saturated fats with unsaturated fats. Avocados naturally contain 6 grams of unsaturated fats.


The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend replacing bad fats with good fats because replacing your intake of saturated fat with unsaturated fat is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease events.


“There’s no wrong way to make guacamole.”

TRUE! There are a million — nay, a bazillion — ways to make guacamole. The basic ingredients are avocados, lime juice, and salt. But there are endless possibilities to make your guacamole recipe your own. There are guacamole recipes inspired by flavors from around the world, including Thai-Inspired Guacamole Recipes, Hawaiian Guacamole, Indian Guacamole, and more!


Guacamole-Making Party Game

The only thing better than a fresh bowl of guacamole is … a table full of fresh guacamole! Instruct guests to choose a guacamole recipe, bring their ingredients, and work together in the kitchen to create an array of different delicious guacamole flavors. Eat within two hours for optimal freshness.


If party day is coming up fast and your avocados are still a little too firm, don’t despair! There are a few hacks to naturally speed up the ripening process; all you need is a paper bag and a banana.



DIY Guacamole Mad-Dash Contest

This contest is similar — but with a twist. Ask guests to contribute to a guacamole ingredient fund and gather an assemblage of ingredients for guacamole-making. Think outside the box: sesame seeds, lox, wasabi, curry powder, passion fruit, etc. Put all ingredients on the counter and start a timer for 15 minutes. Guests race against the clock to create the best original guacamole recipe on the fly. No cheating! Have all contestants put their cellphones in a box. When the timer sounds, it’s pestles down. Put a notepad by each bowl of guacamole and have each contestant taste test and write their initials by their favorite (aside from their own, of course!). The masher with the most signatures gets the coveted title of National Guacamole Day Champion and unlimited bragging rights.


Make sure you have ample ripe avocados ready for mashing. An avocado is ripe when it is dark-greenish-purple and gives a little when squeezed.


Make a Night of It

One o’guac, two o’guac, three o’guac, rock! Guac around the clock! National Guacamole Day in the U.S. is the same day as Mexican Independence Day, Sept. 16. Have a contest to see who can make the most interesting guacamole, then stay up all night on the night of the 15th, until the wee hours of the morning of Independence Day, to dar el grito, or give a shout out in honor of the 1810 revolution.


Find tons of crowd-pleasing recipes to celebrate National Guacamole Day with friends and family in our extensive guacamole recipe archive.



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