Mexico’s Hidden Gems

Avocados have been grown in Mexico for millennia, so our South of the border neighbors have had a long time to perfect the use of this versatile fruit in a remarkable range of recipes. We took a trip around the country to see how avocado is used in creative ways — and how you can bring these ideas home for adaptation in your own kitchen.


The state that’s Mexico’s center of avocado farming was also awarded intangible world heritage status for its cuisine in 2010, so you know that something delicious is going on there. From chilled avocado soups to avocado-flavored ice creams and popsicles, the great green fruit can make an appearance at any meal. Check out our recipes for more ideas about how you can incorporate avocado into your daily meal plan.


Mole is one of Mexico’s most storied and beloved dishes. While nearly every region of the country has its own local recipe, the sauce that is paired with everything from turkey to chicken is usually considered too complicated to attempt by casual home cooks. This recipe for pork medallions with a green avocado and herbed mole may be better suited for the weekend than the work week, but it’s been simplified from traditional mole recipes. Make it once, and we guarantee your family will request a repeat performance.


Do you think of Mexico as a cheese-producing country? No? Think again! While not exported on a large scale, Mexico does indeed produce a number of exceptional cheeses, especially in Chihuahua, its largest state. You can often find packaged Mexican cheeses in the dairy section of your local supermarket. Look for a queso fresco to make this summer squash avocado salad, which is a party crowd-pleaser.

Need more meal-time inspiration? Visit the Recipes section of the Avocados from Mexico website for dozens of ideas!

By Avocados From Mexico April 25, 2017

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