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How to Throw an Avocado Birthday Party

How to Throw an Avocado Birthday Party
December 29, 2020

For folks like us, avocado is a lifestyle. So when a birthday rolls around, what’s a more awesome way to celebrate than throwing an epic avocado birthday party? We’re talking avocado birthday cake, photo booths, piñatas, and desserts galore. Talk about a happy birthday.


Allow us to be your avocado birthday party planner with this guide to good times, and be sure to bookmark this page for later (and many happy returns 😉).



Avocado Birthday Cake 🎂

When it comes to birthday desserts, avocado takes the cake — literally. Imagine blowing out the candles on this made-from-scratch, ooey-gooey Chocolate, Cherry, and Avocado Fudge Cake. Don’t want to share? No judgment. Go for a single-serve option, such as Avocado Chocolate Cupcakes, to ensure everyone gets a piece. (Make them look extra adorbs with these avocado cupcake toppers.) Avo-chocoholics will also love rich, homemade Dark Chocolate Avocado Brownies that bake in just 30 minutes.



Ah-Faux-Cado Birthday Cake

Not up for baking with avocado? That’s OK (for now — we’ll change your mind later). You can still make a birthday cake LOOK like an avocado. Bake your cake in an oval bake pan. Have two shades of green icing on hand: dark green for the sides of the cake and yellow-green for the top. Plop a peanut butter cup on top for the pit. Voila!


Avocado Birthday Party Decorations 🎉

The first step to transforming your home into an avo-topia is by decking it out with avocado balloons. Serve up the birthday cake (or fresh guacamole) on these avocado-print plates, complete with matching cups and napkins. Lastly, string up this avocado bunting banner on the wall for extra flair.


Avocado Photo Booth 📸

Say, “Avocado!” Set up a photo booth for party guests to feel like they’re being followed by their own guacarazzi. These silly handheld props are a great place to start, but if you’re not a fan of special effects, we recommend just making a huge batch of guacamole. The finishing touch to your photo booth is having at least one of these avocado costumes — or, make your own!

Remember to tag us when you post on social so we can see how avo-mazing you look!


Avocado Birthday Snacks 🌮

It’s not a fiesta without finger foods. Load up the snack table with avocado appetizers such as bruschetta and shrimp guac-tails. You can also go for this avocado-spinach-artichoke dip that’s served up in a bread bowl so it looks as good as it tastes. Double-dipping is encouraged.

For something a little heartier, serve up a platter of these crispy beef tacos. For true finger food status (and extra cuteness), use miniature taco shells. These avocado chicken poppers are another delicious option for birthday party refreshments.

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget the guac. Would it even be an avocado birthday party without a DIY guacamole bar? Pro party tip for all our guac stars out there: Buy more tortilla chips than you think you need!


The Best B-Day Gift: Good Fats

Did you know fresh avocados are a heart-healthy fruit? They provide naturally good fats and are cholesterol-, sugar-, and sodium-free. Happy heart, happy birthday!


Avocado Birthday Party Games 🪅

1. Hot Avocado

This birthday party classic gets a no-tato twist. When the music starts playing, players begin to pass an avocado around the circle of guests. If you’re the one holding the avocado when the music stops, you’re out! (Don’t worry — that just means you can get back to eating guac.) Last person remaining wins the game and (the real prize) the avocado.

2. Pin the Pit on the Avocado

If DIY crafts are the fun of party planning for you, create your own pin the pit on the avocado game using poster board, markers, and tape. Blindfold the partygoers, spin them around three times, and let them try to pin the cardboard “pit” on the avocado. Whoever is closest to the center wins!

3. Avocado Piñata

Anyone who loves guacamole can tell you that avocados were made to be smashed. Now everyone can try their hand by swinging at an avocado piñata! There are plenty of avocado piñatas for purchase online or in party stores, or you can follow our guide and create your own piñata. And while filling your piñata with guacamole might be the most delicious option, we’d recommend using candy instead to save you the mess.


Avocado Party Goodies 🎁

Bring the good times home! Avocado party favors like these avocado keychains are great knickknacks for guests to remember the most epic party of all time with. For something a little more practical, hand out these avocado-print blank recipe cards. If they need recipes to fill them out with, send them over to our recipe page. We’ve got plenty of good stuff to share.


You can’t have an avocado birthday party without guacamole, so check out all of our delicious guacamole recipes. No need to thank us — think of it as our birthday gift.

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