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Simple Party Tips
for Awesome Parties

Simple Party Tips for Awesome Parties
February 7, 2022

Whether you’re bringing back board game night, toasting a newly engaged pal, or gathering the whole family for a backyard BBQ, nothing says good times like good food, good music, and good company. And while there are a thousand ways to throw a good party, some events stand a head above the others. We want to help your party get to that level.

So here they are: five simple party tips to turn your shindig into the event of the century.

1. Always have enough trash cans.

As any pro hostess will tell you, this is the No. 1 (and most forgotten) rule of party-throwing. Ever been to a cocktail party where you end up walking around trying to shake hands while holding a dirty plate because you can’t find the trash? Or a watch party where the one garbage you can find has been precariously stacked with a tower of cups, plates, and napkins just waiting to topple?

This party tip is completely practical. It helps with clean-up later and keeps used plates and sticky cups from piling up and making your perfectly planned event look, well … trashy. If you’re using disposable dishes and cutlery, this is especially important.

2. Come up with a good theme.

Some events are simply themed after what they’re celebrating, such as a big football game or “Congratulations Class of 2022!” Others need a bit of sprucing up and can benefit from the added layer of fun that comes with a theme. Some examples you’re welcome to steal:

Whatever the occasion may be, knowing where the general idea for your event is headed will allow you to choose the best location, coordinate the food spread, begin to gather ideas for decor, and even allow you to search for a fitting playlist.

3. It’s good to be extra.

As the old saying goes: “If you have more than enough, no one will know. If you don’t have enough, everyone will know.” Of course, try to not go way overboard, but having an extra round of guac stashed in the fridge or an extra bag of chips ready in case the snack bowls run low is always a good idea. It’s fine if the fare is simple; just have lots of it.

This party tip is especially important with drinks. While food may dwindle by the end of the event, if there’s nothing left to sip on, your guests will depart. Something like this irresistible avocado margarita should do the trick.

YOU get guac and YOU get guac!

There’s a simple formula for making sure there’s enough guacamole for everyone: The approximate rule is to use half an avocado per guest — but if your friends are dip fiends like us, you might opt for a few more. Get a full lesson on making guacamole for a crowd here.

4. Leave pleasant tasks for last.

Not all of us are great with time management. So, if you’re worried about being ready before people begin to arrive, leave until last any preparations you can do while spending time with guests. For example, it’s easy to hold a conversation while you finish assembling appetizers or wiping down the kitchen counters, but it’s no good to try and host while you scrub the bathroom.

And depending on your invite list, some guests may be interested in lending a hand by opening up chips or setting out toppings for those fabulous shrimp tacos that have the kitchen smelling oh so good. Make guests feel included — but don’t rely on them to do any heavy lifting. They’re here to party, not to do your laundry.

5. Cater to your crowd.

This party tip is kind of like knowing your audience when speaking in public. Two things to consider:

  • Allergies/Diets: Be sure to provide some options for guests who are on specific diets or who have known food allergies. Is someone at your taco night gluten-free? Offer corn tortillas in addition to flour or opt for pan-seared fish in these Baja-style lettuce fish tacos and you’re good to go.
  • Kids: If there are children on the guest list, they’ll be hungry — and probably for fun, kid-friendly snacks rather than a spinach and artichoke dip (which, by the way, is delicious).

There are countless ways to make your guests feel welcome, but nothing goes further than a little thoughtfulness.

Let the Good Times Roll

Even with all these simple party tips, ultimately, the best thing about your event will be the good friends and good times you’ve made. The right crowd (and right snacks, of course) can make any get-together memorable. So bust out the guacamole, pour the drinks, and party on!

Looking for a delicious dish to serve at your next party? Take a stroll through avocado heaven and bookmark all kinds of good stuff on our recipe page.

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