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How to Make a DIY Avocado Halloween Costume

How to Make a DIY Avocado Halloween Costume
October 23, 2020

Want to win “best costume” at your Halloween get-together? This DIY avocado costume is a shoo-in. Think about it: Avocados are scary good, right? And they’re the life of the party! From guacamole geeks to avocado addicts, everybody knows avocados equal good times.


You don’t need much to look frighteningly clever for trick or treat. An avocado Halloween costume only takes a few household materials to create. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making your own DIY avocado Halloween costume, no sewing or super glue required. It’s easy enough for (supervised) kids to create, and you can probably get it done within one hour. So, what’re you waiting for? Let’s go!

DIY Avocado Halloween Costume


  • Large piece of cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paint or large markers in green, yellow-green, and brown
  • String or ribbon



  • Get in shape. Lay your cardboard flat and outline the distinctive shape of an avocado. A good-looking avocado has an oval shape with a slightly tapered top and smooth, rounded edges. If your pencil falters or the shape doesn’t come out perfect, don’t stress — every avocado is a little different and still delicious!
  • Slice your avocado. Using scissors (and safety!), cut along the lines to cut your avocado out of the cardboard.
  • Add the pit. Trace a large circle in the center of the bottom half. This will be the pit. Use a dinner plate or a large bowl as a stencil for a perfect circle.
  • Draw the peel. Draw a border around the edge of the avocado, about 1 inch thick. This is your avocado’s peel.
  • Add color. It’s time to give your avocado a fresh, ripe color! Using paint or markers, fill the space between the border and the pit with a yellow-green color, then use a darker shade of green for the peel and brown for the pit. Once everything dries, use a marker to add some depth with a bit of shading. How do you tell if a real avocado is ripe? Glad you asked.
  • Tie things up. To hang your costume around your neck, punch two holes on either side of the top of your avocado. Tie the string to one side and then loop to the other hole. Try it on and adjust the length of your string as needed before securing to the second hole.


It’s that easy!

Give Your Avocado Halloween Costume a Twist

If you’re feeling extra creative, here are a few more spooktacular ways to wear your avocado.

  • Avo-cardio: Pop on a sweatband and some tennis shoes and brush up on your knowledge of avocado nutrition for this punny twist.
  • Holy guacamole: Everyone knows avocados are divine. Add a halo, some angel wings, and a hand-held harp to make this heavenly variation.
  • For the couples: To turn your Halloween into a date night or, to add some double trouble, your partner can dress up as a tortilla chip, a taco, or a slice of toast. Get ready for photo ops!
  • For the expectant mothers: Avocados have nearly 20 vitamins and minerals important for prenatal nutrition. And when you cut them in half, they have a cute bump, too! For this twist on your avocado costume, cut out the pit from your avocado costume, wear a brown shirt, and let your baby bump fill the gap.


Bribe the Costume Contest Judges With Guac

Satisfy your monster appetite and that of those judging the costume contest (nudge, nudge) by bribing — er, bringing — Halloween-themed guacamole, like single-serving Witch Hat Guac and Guac-o’-Lanterns or a boo-tiful big batch of Spiderweb Guacamole Dip!

Sweeten the holiday by whipping together some Avocado Halloween Pumpkin Balls made with avocado, rolled oats, and peanut butter. They’re easy enough to make with the kids before party time. Add a little sugar on top with Halloween Blondies designed to look like Frankenstein’s monster. His signature green hue is thanks to … the avocado inside!

More DIY Avocado Arts and Crafts

A DIY Halloween is the best kind — because making your costume, treats, and décor is half the fun! If you’re having a gaggle of little ghouls come to your home for Halloween, DIY crafts are good activities for pre-trick or treating entertainment. Plus, kiddos get to come home with a little memento of their celebration.


These avocado peel sailboats will liven up any old apple bobbing contest. And keep your carving tools handy after making your jack-o’-lanterns. You can use them again to carve avocado pits into one-of-a-kind creations that will last for years to come. Paint or stain them how you please for use as décor, jewelry, keychains, and more.


Avocado Is Scary Good 365 Days a Year

While this DIY guide for making an avocado costume is great for Halloween, remember that Avocados From Mexico are always in season. So while you’re waiting for Halloween to roll around, these avocado recipes will still be available year-round. Happy Halloween!



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