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August 24, 2022



It’s green. It’s crave-worthy. And it’s so much more than just a chip dip. We’re talking, of course, about guacamole. You may not think that the staple of taco bars and tailgates can find a home on any menu—but wait until we show you its true versatility!

In this issue of The Fresh Take, we’ll be exploring all things “guac,” from trends to new flavor profiles to consumer preferences. And we’ll show you just how easily guac can be incorporated across the menu, with tips and tricks from our chef team. Fresh Avocados From Mexico are here to up your guac game. Because fresh is always good!


What’s better than serving a dip your patrons love? How about creating a fusion-inspired appetizer with TWO of your customers’ favorites! Watch our easy recipe demo for Avocado Hummus Guacamole.



We know that foodservice operators value efficiency—that includes time, labor and making the most of every ingredient in their repertoire. And for that reason, the Avocados From Mexico culinary team is serving up tips and tricks that showcase just how easy it is to prepare, preserve and work with fresh avocado.

Gearing up for a busy weekend? Large batches of guac made from fresh Avocados From Mexico can be quickly prepped and stored for up to 72 hours. Store under refrigeration with plastic wrap pressed to the surface—ensuring no oxygen can get to it. When you start to see browning, simply scrape 1/8″ off the top to reveal perfectly fresh guacamole underneath. WATCH VIDEO.




Want to make some more green? Then guac up those entrées! Datassential found that dishes like hot sandwiches and Mexican entrées featuring avocado command an upcharge of nearly 30%.4 Additionally, guacamole is growing in some on-trend menu categories that patrons absolutely love.5 On burgers, guac adds a cool counterpart to spicy toppings. In bowls, it serves as a colorful, mouthwatering component. You can go traditional or travel the world with an internationally inspired guac. Let Avocados From Mexico show you how it’s done! DISCOVER GLOBAL GUAC



Avocados From Mexico are always in season, available year-round. So, using our 100% Fresh seal on menu items featuring guac is a great way to show your customers they’re about to enjoy an awesome dish with the fresh avocado they know and love. When it comes to fresh, your customers can taste the difference. Learn more about our customized fresh seal program and partnership opportunities. TAKE IT TO FRESH


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