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Tips for Recycling Avocado Skin and Pits

If you’re an avid avocado eater or you just happen to whip up an extra large batch of guacamole, you may find yourself wondering as the peels and pits pile up in the waste bin: Is there something I can do with all this?

Your first inclination might be to compost them. This isn’t a bad impulse, but avocado skins and pits tend to be slow to decompose. To speed the process, cut the peels into small squares with kitchen scissors before adding them to your composter.

If you’ve had your composter for a while, take some of the rich soil it produces and use your avocado skins to plant seedlings! The skins, once lined with your composted soil, make great, small, windowsill-size pots you can put right into the ground when the seedling is ready to be transplanted. If you’re not composting, that’s ok: You can still reuse your avocado pit by planting it in your garden and growing your very own avocado tree.

While you can also chop them up to add to your composter, avocado seeds take even longer than peels to decompose. Don’t despair! This characteristic actually makes them great for reusing in all sorts of fun ways.

Check out these gorgeous Etsy avocado seed arts and crafts to get yourself inspired. Whip up ground avocado seed into this simple avo face scrub. You can dry and grate split avocado seeds to add a slightly bitter flavor to a number of Mexican dishes, including dips and sauces. You can even reuse avocado skins and pits to make a DIY dusty pink fabric dye.

Never find yourself shaking your head over a pile of avocado waste again!

By Avocados From Mexico April 13, 2017

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