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Guacamole Add-Ins: 5 Sauces to Put in Guacamole

When it comes to ingredients, guacamole add-ins are limitless. Take any guacamole, drizzle or dash your favorite sauce on top, and — voila! Your guacamole has completely transformed, with a new flavor profile and texture in seconds.

So how do you know which sauce to try? Start by learning how to cut, slice, and dice an avocado. Mash it into a bowl along with your favorite ingredients. Do you prefer it spicy, salty, sweet, or all three?

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There’s a sauce for every guacamole. Here are some guacamole add-ins to get you started.

5 Sauces to Put in Guacamole


Horseradish alone can bring tears to your eyes and fire to your tongue. Mix it with avocado, though, and you’ll be all smiles. In this Guasacaca recipe, for instance, avocados wrap the bitter horseradish in a creamy blanket of love until the horseradish is but a delightful zing.


Originating from a small town in Thailand named — you guessed it — Si Racha, this chili pepper sauce has the whole world drizzling it across their lunch, dinner, and snacks like this Tuna Poke Miso Guacamole. Avocados and sriracha are a natural pair: The dense, nutty flavor of the avocado is brightened by the tangy-sweet, vinegar-based sriracha.


As opposed to sriracha’s vinegary tang, gochujang’s flavor is characterized as earthy, sweet, and umami. In this Kimchi Guacamole with Gochujang Crema Swirl, the avocado lightens the heavily fermented taste of kimchi and gochujang.


One thing to know for sure: two greens make a right. Make that three for Basil Pesto Guacamole! Fresh pesto has a strong, garlicky aroma, and a gritty texture, thanks to pine nuts and crumbled, hard cheeses. Avocados, herbs, and garlic make an unstoppable trio, each hitting upon a different flavor and texture.

Adobo Sauce

This fiery sauce can add a little earthy funk to your guac. It’s spicy, acidic, and full of pep — just ask this Roasted Tomato and Chipotle Guacamole. Add a dash or two to your guac but have a glass of ice water nearby.

Browse our avocado recipes page to discover more guacamole add-ins for tonight’s batch.

By Avocados From Mexico April 08, 2020

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