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Touchdown! Winning Snacks Inspired by the Big Game

Hola amigos! Even though it’s been a while, you might still be celebrating or getting over a heartbreak from that incredible end to the football season. What an amazing game! And what a fabulous time I had hosting the pregame Twitter party a few days before to help you plan your big-game party menus! But just because the football season is over, that doesn’t mean you have to kick these amazing recipes to the curb. There are still plenty of occasions just around the corner to use them like college basketball watching parties.

Here are nine categories of the #SuperSnacks that I tweeted about just before the big game! Enjoy this recap of recipes that work for any gathering.

  • Burgers and hot dogs: Mexicans love putting our twist on American classics! When I’m filming my PBS show on location in Mexico, my American crew members are always surprised to see as many hot dog stands as taco stands. Inspired by one of my childhood favorites, the Mexican Dreamboat Dog includes bacon, pickled jalapeños, and cheddar cheese. Or make an easy and delicious Avocado Hot Dog with diced avocados, tomato, onion, and lime juice.Mexican burgers are especial! For example, season ground beef with ancho chile and top with creamy lime aioli. For mini Mexican burger bites, make these sliders with ground pork and an avocado spread.
  • All-star pizza: Casual get-togethers beg for pizza, right? But forget about the delivery guy — instead, create a gourmet-style pie in your own kitchen. My Carne Asada and Cebollitas Pizza with avocado features steak flavored with an incredible homemade marinade! Or peruse recipes from Avocados From Mexico, which include this Chicago-Style pie with chicken, cherry tomatoes, and avocados.
  • Mexican finger foods: Snack foods called antojitos in Spanish include all the irresistible Mexican favorites, from tacos to enchiladas. I shared all sorts of recipes for my Twitter party but here’s a sampling of my favorites: Lime-Rubbed Chicken Tacos that pair perfectly with Corn Guacamole; Chiloria Burritas, which are made with pork and have citrus flavors that pair well with creamy diced avocado; hearty Steak Tacos that have a drizzle of delightful Jamaica and Jalapeño Syrup; Refried Bean and Cheese Chimichangas, which satisfy cravings for fried, gooey, yummy food; and big, beautiful, overloaded Mexican Potato Skins that put a south of the border twist on this appetizer menu staple.
  • Guacamole: Have some fun with unexpected ingredients and experiment with a guacamole bar to serve several of these options. Tart Pico de Guac uses green apples and cucumbers to give the traditional dip a fresh and tangy zing. Or, go on a world tour with destination-inspired options like Jambalaya-Style Guacamole, which blends spicy andouille sausage with creamy avocado, or Mango Guacamole, which gives a sweet nod to the Caribbean. You can also take a trip to the Greek islands with Mediterranean Guacamole, which includes Kalamata olives and feta. Then there’s the classic: My Chunky Guacamole is your basic, delicious version that will delight purists!
  • Dips: Great players make great sports teams. Likewise, all-star ingredients blend together for winning recipes. Case in point: Goat Cheese, Bacon and Avocado Dip. Also, my Mex-Tex Three-Cheese Avocado Dip is the creamiest, most luscious dip you’ve ever put on a tortilla! To plan your dip prep properly, make sure avocados don’t over-ripen by preserving them in the fridge.
  • Side dishes: I use game-day smorgasbords to get kids to try something new, but this trick works at any party that calls for a buffet.
  • Sandwiches: I named one of my Mexican sandwiches the Crazy Chicken and Plantain Torta — crazy because it’s crazy good, combining refried beans, chicken, and avocados. Ham, Cheese and Avocado Spread Sandwich Rolls attract kids with their fun pinwheel design! Avocados top my open-faced Grilled Cheese and Bean Heroes.
  • Chili and Wings: Certain events, like a football-watching party in the middle of winter, call for chili and spicy chicken wings. But you can serve these traditionally toasty foods anytime! Try my classic Tex-Mex Chili or Sam’s Amazing White Chili with chickenChipotle Agave Chicken Wings add Mexican spice to this American favorite.
  • Drinks: Trust me on this quirky recipe and try an Avocado Martini, which includes vodka, vermouth, avocado, and sweetened condensed milk. It’s sweet and sensual. For the beer drinkers, offer micheladas — Mexico’s fancy way of dressing up a brew with a salt-rimmed glass, lime, and soy sauce.

Now, for any of these recipes with avos, make sure you know how to choose a ripe one by picking up an avo in the palm of your hand and squeezing it gently to see if it gives a little. If it does, you’ve got a winner. Like in football, winning makes all the difference, and you’ll have a winning spread all year long.

By Avocados From Mexico March 24, 2017

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